Campus Safety

The mission of Campus Safety is to develop student personal security practices. The Campus Safety Department will maintain the safety and physical security of the campus through enforcement of local, state and federal laws. It will also conduct crime prevention awareness programs. Additionally, it will establish and enforce traffic on parking regulations. Furthermore, it will refer matters relating to violations of Campbell University's Code of Conduct and Code of Honor to the Student Life Office.

Emergency Phone Numbers

x:1911 (On Campus)
911 (Off Campus)

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Additional Phone Numbers

Campus Safety Main Numbers (for non-emergencies)

  • On-Campus ext. 1375
  • Off Campus (910) 893-1375
  • TDD (hearing impaired) 893-1912

These are some additional phone numbers or extensions you can make note of.

  • Title IV Coordinator 910-893-1217 (ext. 1217)
  • Harnett County Sheriff's Dept. 893-9111
  • S.A.F.E. 893-7233
  • Infirmary ext. 1560
  • Good Hope Hospital 897-6151
  • Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital 892-7161
  • Crisis and Suicide Intervention Center 893-2118
  • Duke University Poison Information Center 1-800-672-1697
  • Parking 893-1550

Weapons and Explosives

The use, possession, carrying, or discharging of any weapon as defined and prohibited by North Carolina Law (NCGS §14-269.2;) on the campus of Campbell University, any of its extended campuses or to a curricular or extracurricular activity sponsored by the University is prohibited, unless otherwise permitted by the Board of Trustees.


Campus Safety
On-Campus ext. 1375
Off Campus (910) 893-1375
In case of an emergency
x:1911 (On Campus)
911 (Off Campus)

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