Safety Plan

A critical incident is an event that tends to be extraordinary, cannot be predicted, and is outside the normal operating daily experiences of this organization. Our typical daily routine can be predicted from season to season and from semester to semester. Reactions to a critical incident, if planned, designated, and channeled through the proper action persons can be consistent and predictable.

The major purpose of this “Crisis Management Plan” is to provide a quick reference guide for the management of campus emergencies and crisis that tend to be above and beyond the typical university-operating environment. It is designed to put in motion the necessary actions required to facilitate the appropriate and timely response to a given emergency or crisis particularly if that emergency or crisis presents a threat to life or property within the Campbell University community.

Persons designated within the context of the Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) having tasks and responsibilities will prepare implementing procedures for subordinate managers and sections. Recommendations for improvements, to include additions and deletions, or questions concerning this plan should be directed to the Vice President for Student Life and Christian Mission, 893-1540/1541.

This plan is a living document and should be treated as such. Personal experiences in crisis situations are the cornerstones of necessary data to plan for future crises.


In the event of an emergency or crisis, regardless of the nature of the emergency or the real and/or perceived urgency the only person(s) authorized to speak on behalf of Campbell University is the University Spokesperson or the University President. In the event others are required to speak for the university, the President will determine the selected individuals and provide guidance.