The Department of Campus Safety encompasses five divisions, law enforcement, security, communications, parking and an administrative division. The law enforcement division of Campus Safety consist of Harnett County Sheriff’s Deputies. Deputies are assigned specifically to Campbell University as part of a contractual agreement between the University and the County of Harnett. Deputies can generally be identified by a distinctive gray and black uniform. Uniformed Deputies drive marked patrol cars that are silver with blue striping. Plainclothes officers in unmarked cars may be present on campus as well.


They proactively patrol Campbell University and the Buies Creek Community 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. They respond to calls for assistance, conduct traffic enforcement through the use of radar, arrest criminal violators and are responsible for investigating criminal incidents. Members of the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office provide crime prevention and safety programs to the University Community. Requests for a Deputy can be made through the University’s Welcome Center by calling 893-1911 or just 1911 if you are on the University’s phone exchange. Any 911 calls made from the campus will be answered by the Sheriff’s Office and forwarded back to the Welcome Center for dispatch.

Security Officers

They can generally be identified by gray polo type shirts with “Campbell University Security badges” and black pants. They operate golf carts and patrol campus on foot. Security Officers help secure campus buildings, enforce parking and provide limited motorist assistance.

Communications Personnel

Located at the Campbell University staff the Welcome Center 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. They receive calls requesting assistance from the Campbell University community and dispatch appropriate personnel. They also monitor the campus’s 19 emergency phones. From campus, communications personnel can be reached at any of the following numbers/extensions 893-1375, 893-1377 or for emergencies 1911.


Parking is responsible for assigning lots on campus, issuing decals, collecting fee/fines and enforcement of parking regulations. The parking office is located at the University’s Welcome Center. The parking office be reached at 893-1550.


Administration is responsible for the selection, training and hiring of all Campus Safety personnel except Sheriff’s Deputies.


The Department of Campus Safety is responsible for providing services to meet the needs of Campbell University. Some of these needs are:

  • Register and provide parking registration for students, faculty and staff.
  • Supply and process photo identification and fingerprint cards for members of the campus community.
  • Assist campus motorists with minor vehicle problems.
  • Provide campus escorts to students, faculty and staff, by calling (910) 893-1375 or 911.
  • Provide bicycle registration and identification.
  • Provide Operation ID – a program that allows students, faculty and staff to use engraving tools to mark personal/university property, and have serial numbers kept of file at the Department of Campus Safety.
  • Provide programming and literature on various topics of crime prevention for all students, faculty and staff.
  • Emergency Phones – Both interior and exterior phones are linked directly to the Department of Campus Safety and are located throughout the campus.
  • Electronic Alarm Systems – the monitoring system, which is located at the Department of Campus Safety, monitors intrusion detection and duress-alarm systems.
  • Facilities Survey – Comprehensive surveys of exterior lighting, doors, and grounds are conducted by the Crime Prevention officer annually.
  • Bicycle patrol consisting of Deputies and/or Security Officers to assist with patrolling campus.

Right-to-Know Act and Campus Security Act

In accordance with the Right to Know Act and Campus Security Act (PL-101-542), the Department of Campus Safety provides information relating to security measures and crime statistics to all students and employees.

About the Right to Know Act


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