Tartan Experience

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Empowering new students through their transition to Campbell University

What is Tartan at Campbell University?


The Campbell surname is rooted in Scottish heritage. In Scotland, a tartan is a cloth in various plaid patterns and colors. Each pattern is used to represent different Scottish families. A tartan symbolizes one’s heritage and affiliation, much like how we show our pride in being a part of the Campbell family by wearing Orange, White, and Black. 


Tartan is a comprehensive, multi-day event to assist incoming first-year and transfer students in seamlessly transitioning to life at Campbell University. Throughout Tartan, students will learn about Campbell’s history, traditions, campus resources, and critical information for their success as a new student. 


Tartan provides a prime opportunity for students to start forging connections with peers, mentors, and the academic community. It’s a time to build relationships that extend beyond the classroom, creating a supportive network that can enhance the college experience. These connections foster a sense of belonging, helping students feel more confident and engaged as they embark on their educational journey.   

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