Tartan Experience

What to Expect

During these weeks before the first day of class, our new commuter students are at home excitedly looking forward to classes beginning. And our new residents, equally eager, are anxiously waiting to be dropped off by their families into a student residence environment.

This collegiate journey is full of excitement, nerves, and questions. Albeit normal to feel this way, these feelings often serve as hurdles to successfully adapting to the rigors of academic life or the challenges of social integration. The TARTAN has been designed to help new students more quickly understand our campus culture, identify opportunities to make friends and get involved, and be guided through the academic expectations for success.

During these three days of the TARTAN new students can expect to:

  • Learn our university history and Spirit traditions
  • Be introduced to ways to make healthy life choices
  • Understand Expectations we hold each other to in our community
  • Be welcomed into our culture based on our faith mission and service
  • Make friends, laugh (a lot) and have fun
  • Meet their academic program dean and faculty
  • Be supported and befriended by peer leaders who care about who you are