ROTC Contracting Packet

Application Checklist – This is a checklist of every form needed in order to contract with the ROTC program.

CC 139-R – The cadet enrollment record form has 6 pages; however, only the first 2 pages need to be completed for contracting purposes. The following is a list of items that may help you when filling out the form:

  • Block # 9: DOB – Date of Birth
  • Block # 10: POB – Place of Birth
  • Block # 24: Next of Kin – Who would we contact in an emergency?
  • Block # 25a / 26a: FICE code – Do not fill this in
  • Page #2: Initial one box in each section (blocks #42-47) on the second page.
  • You must sign page #2 where is states “All information given on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge.”

CC 136 – Government Sponsored Benefits for ROTC Cadets. Sign and date the bottom of the form. This indicates that you have read and understand the information on the form.

CC 137 – Authorization for access to student records.

DD 2983 – Recruit/Trainee Prohibited Activities Acknowledgment. Complete blocks 1-9 only.

CC 104-R – This form is an academic plan worksheet. It should contain all of the classes you need to complete your bachelor’s degree, as well as, all of the required ROTC classes. You ROTC instructor will advise you on the best method for getting this document completed. It will require a signature from your academic advisor on page two, block #12.  

SAL Sheet – Scholar Athlete Leader sheet. You only need to provide hair color, eye color, and blood type at the bottom of the form.

Language Questionnaire – Answer each question/section that applies to your foreign language abilities.

PME Requirements – Read all the PME Requirements and sign the second page saying you understand the requirements

Dental Form – Need to know the location of your dental x-rays – for emergency purposes only. You are the person that signs this form. ***Do not bring your dental x-rays.

DD 93 – This is a Record of emergency data. Fill out the first two pages; if you need any instruction for how to fill out any part of these forms pages 3 and 4 contain instruction.

SGLI – The Service members’ Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate.

  • Complete pages 1-3 with required information.
  • Sign and date page 3
  • All five pages must be turned in with your contracting packet. 

SF 1199A – Direct Deposit form needs to be filled out and turned in in-order to receive direct deposits. 

  • Cadet must complete section 1, 2, and 3
  • Sign and date block 5

W4 – Tax form (withholdings: current year)

DD Form 2058 – State of Legal Residency Form. Fill in name, SSN, and your legal mailing address. Sign and date the bottom

  • Fill out part 1 if you would want to authorize an ROTC instructor to speak with your parents about your performance, to include grades, should they contact us.
  • Fill out part 2 if you do not want us to discuss your performance with your parents/legal guardian.

DA form 3425-R – Medical fitness statement. Go to your physician and have that physician fill out this form stating you have no medical conditions or physical impairments that may hinder your participation in ROTC.

DD Form 2005 – Privacy Statement for healthcare Records, Read form and sign and date the bottom.

Pre-contract Checklist – This checklist will be completed in conjunction with your ROTC instructor at the time of contracting; it does not need to be completed prior to contracting.

SMP documents: Required for all soldiers currently serving in the National Guard (NG) or Reserves.  Also needed if you are considering joining the NG or Reserves in conjunction with the Minuteman or GRFD scholarship application.