Policies & Procedures

Important Phone Numbers

  • Student Union Director – (910) 893-1613
  • Student Union Administrative Assistant – (910) 893- 7136
  • Welcome Center Desk – (910) 893-1551
  • Campus Safety – (910) 893-1375

Prohibited in the Student Union

  • Pets/Animals of any kind expect Service Animals as defined under ADA. Any service animal must always be on a lease.
  • Helium Balloons of any kind
  • Flying items (i.e. drones, toy airplanes, manual or powered, etc.)
  • No throwing of any items inside the building (i.e. frisbees, balls of any kind, etc.)
  • Boom Boxes, Personal Bluetooth Speakers are not allowed to be used in any of the common areas of the building. Personal music, videos, etc. that are played from an electronic device must be played through personal ear devices (i.e. Earphones, Ear Buds, etc.).
  • No use of personal riding devices inside of building, (i.e. bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, scooters, etc.)

Exercising in Student Union

Any type of exercise, including but not limited to, walking laps, climbing steps, etc., for exercise is not allowed in any area of the Student Union except in Fitness & Wellness.

Advertising in Student Union

Student Club Advertising

Student Clubs may only request advertising for events they are holding. Advertising for these events will take place no earlier than 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the event date.  Display Monitor Policy and Massage Posting Flyer Policy also applies to this advertising.

Advertising, including, but not limited to, message posting, flyers, and display monitor posting is limited to Campbell University departments and university registered student organizations. All postings must  be used to promote campus events, departmental events, or registered student organization events only. The student union does not allow any flyers to be posted in the building.

Display Monitor Policy, request and posting

There are TV Monitors located all throughout the Student Union.  Certain TV Monitors are dedicated for certain purposes, and some are dedicated for general use.

To request a message to be displayed on the monitors in the Student Union, please submit your request along with the content/graphic of your message and the times it should be posted to: abose@campbell.edu.   At that time your request will be reviewed and when approved by Union Administration will be posted. 

Message Posting and Flyers

Messages or advertising of any type are not to be placed on walls, doors, glass, etc. inside or outside of the Student Union.

Flyers, Messages, or advertising of any type are not allowed to be placed on tables, countertops, or furniture in the Student Union.


Tabling within the Student Union is limited to Campbell University departments and university registered student organizations. All tabling must  be used to promote campus events, departmental events, or registered student organization only. The student union does not allow any outside organizations to table or advertise inside the building. 

Facility Usage

Public/Community Use of Banquet Hall and General Meeting Rooms

Currently, the use of the Banquet Hall and General Meeting Rooms are only for the use of Campbell University operations. These areas are currently not available for use outside of Campbell University operations.

Banquet Hall Usage

The Banquet Hall is laid out in a way to have one large room or by closing movable walls, divide the Hall into 4 standalone sections, Banquet Hall A, B, C, and pre-function area.  Configuration of the Banquet Hall will be determined for each individual event. Sections A, B, and C will not be open during daily operations, except for events, luncheons, etc.  The Pre-Function will be open and available for general use during daily operations.  Request for use of any of the Banquet Hall can be done through the centralized reservation program in (SchoolDude), or through the Union Administration Office.

General Meeting Rooms Usage

There are General Meeting Rooms on both the 1st and 2nd floors. There are 4 General Meeting Rooms on the 1st floor, and 3 General Meeting Rooms on the 2nd floor.  General Meeting Rooms can either be reserved by the individual touch screen pads located at each meeting room, or by contacting Student Union Administration at (910) 893-7136 or (910) 893-1613.  Each GMR has AV technology installed, and the use of this technology is welcomed by the meeting participants.  If assistance is needed to use the AV technology, Union Administration will be glad to assist.  There is a time limit for meetings in each room of a maximum of 2 hours per day per group.  The exception is General Meeting Room 280, which must be reserved as a Conference Room by Faculty or Staff.   

The general meeting rooms are intended for small meetings of students, faculty, and staff. These rooms are available to be reserved for meetings at the start of the day via touchpad outside each room. Advanced reservations may only be made by registered student organizations or university departments. The student union is designed to be the primary space for students on campus, and as such only registered student organizations will be allowed to schedule regularly occurring meetings. The union reserves the right to occasionally cancel an instance of these regularly occurring meetings if the rooms are required for a special event. Study groups/ individual students may only reserve these rooms via touchpad on the same day of the reservation.

Oasis Lounge Usage

The Oasis Lounge is a reservable space on a limited basis, for student events.  The Lounge is completely furnished with soft seating, tables, chairs, and booth-style seating.  No furniture can be removed from the area for any events.  Any set up for additional needs must be discussed with Union Administration.  

Gaming Area Usage

Gaming Area is not a reservable space for individual group events.  Needed items for any of the games will be checked out at the Welcome Center desk with a valid Campbell ID Card.  This includes the fixed game equipment as well as the board gaming area.

Fitness & Wellness Center Usage

Please visit the Campus Recreation website for the Fitness & Wellness Center Rules & Regulations.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found is located at the Welcome Center Desk on the first floor. 

Student Union trash and recycle

The Student Union is an environmentally-friendly facility and is dedicated to doing its part to reduce landfill waste as much as possible.  Trash and Mixed Recycling containers are placed throughout the facility for this purpose.  For cardboard, we have a dumpster dedicated just for cardboard located in our central trash/recycle collection area in the parking lot at the end of the building.  Cardboard boxes must be broken down flat to fit through the slot in the dumpster.  Please be mindful of our environment and place items in the correct receptacle.   

Movie Policy

Groups wishing to show a movie in the theater or any other space in the union must secure a public performance license for the movie being shown. The license must be submitted to the Union Director no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled showing. Due to US copyright law there will be no exceptions to this policy. Union management staff are available to help groups obtain a license, but individual groups will be responsible for all costs involved. Any other broadcast media events (TV, Sports, Radio, etc.…) will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but in all cases the rights to broadcast must be secured.