What to Expect

At the Campbell Youth Theological Institute (CYTI), we believe that God calls all people to be part of Christ’s redeeming work in our world. Whether you are interested in a career in engineering, medicine, education, law, business, or any number of professional fields, we affirm that God calls you to use your gifts, talents, and vocation to positively impact your community and the world.

In an effort to help you dream bigger about God’s calling, CYTI welcomes high school students ages 14-18, including recent high school graduates from the class of 2024, to participate in an immersive experience where they will explore their faith and calling.

Over the course of one week, students will have the opportunities to:

  • Interact with professionals and industry leaders in a variety of fields including public health, engineering, law, and business who are living out their call through their vocation in innovative ways to positively impact their communities.
  • Experience life on a college campus and participate in seminars with university faculty.
  • Imagine how God may be calling them to live out their faith through their strengths and passions in new and creative ways.
  • Worship and serve alongside high school students from around the nation and develop relationships.
  • Reflect on their own faith, their stories, and how they can live more abundantly through their calling to change the world.
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Sample Daily Agenda

8 a.m. Breakfast
9 a.m. Theology with Dr. Jorgenson
10:30 a.m.–Noon Community Garden
12:30 Lunch
2–3:30 p.m. Faith and Public Health with Dr. Tillman
5 p.m. Dinner and Games at Raven Rock State Park
8 p.m. Worship
9 p.m. Small Groups
10 p.m. Games and Snacks in Lobby