Scholarships and Awards

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation Scholarship

The Sullivan Scholarship for Entering Freshmen is based on the applicant’s personal character, integrity, and service to others and to their communities. Sullivan Scholars receive up to four years of tuition assistance and participate in a variety of programs focused on service learning, civic engagement, and social entrepreneurship.  

For further information contact the University Admissions Office or Dan Maynard, Sullivan Liaison

For an entering Freshman

These scholarships honor a young person of noble character and demonstrates heart for service. The recipient receives direct tuition funding of up to $10,000 a year for up to four years.


The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards

The Sullivan Foundation administers two annual awards at Campbell University, each bestowing a certificate and a medallion upon the recipients. These two non-monetary awards recognize an undergraduate college student and a member of the college community who demonstrate the highest standards of character, integrity, and service to others and to their community. The awards are presented each year by more than 70 colleges and universities within the American South.

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Event Scholarships

The Sullivan Foundation may award students a scholarship to attend events such as the Foundation’s Ignite Retreats. For more information, email Dan Maynard at