Wellness Programs

CU Lose Weight

“Why Our Bodies Like to Gain Weight and What We Can Do About It” hosted monthly by Nicholas Pennings, DO (CUSOM Assistant Professor Family Medicine and Board Certified in Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine)

Discover what is driving the obesity crisis in the US and the World
Identify lifestyle changes that improve your health
Learn about the new weight loss program at Campbell University

For more information about CU Lose Weight and other healthy living intiatives sponsored by the CU Health Center visit us on Facebook

Diabetes Community Health Project

Patients with diabetes or pre-diabetes are encouraged to join the diabetes counseling program on campus, managed by Katie Trotta, PharmD and other clinical pharmacy faculty. The program provides diabetes education and counseling on medications, diet, exercise, checking blood sugar, and other important lifestyle modifications for patients with diabetes. Faculty, staff, students, and community patients are invited to join this free program. Patients with Campbell University’s health insurance plan may receive their medications at a discounted co-payment if regularly attending the program.

For more information or to book an appointment, contact Dr. Katie Trotta trotta@campbell.edu.

Noon Time OMT Educational Experience

CUSOM students would like to provide a service to the rest of the University! They have been training in osteopathic techniques for over a year and would like to make those treatments available to the rest of the Campbell community by offering a “Noon Time OMT”.

The students are supervised by licensed physicians, but this “Noon Time OMT” is not to be considered a treatment by a physician. It is practice for the students and an opportunity for faculty and staff to get treated and hopefully get better. The students know almost two hundred techniques and will be able to address almost any musculoskeletal pain issue.

This volunteer opportunity is held on Thursdays from 12:30 pm -1:00 pm in the third floor OMM Lab at Leon Levine Hall.

Please use the link below to see availability and to schedule a time to volunteer – time and space are limited.

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to complete some paperwork. There is no charge for this treatment.

We look forward to seeing you!