Travel Procedures & Policies

Transportation & Lodging

Air Transportation

We will add details about air transportation soon. See the current policy for University business traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ground Transportation

Procedures below are per Campbell University Personnel Manual, Dated December 2019, Section VII, Workplace Policies, CC. Vehicle Use Policy, 1 University Vehicles to 3. Rental Vehicles.

  1. Driver must be validated with the University’s insurance. In order to do this, the following must be completed.
    1. A driving History Questionnaire must be completed and signed by the department head.
    2. An MVR (motor vehicles record) will be obtained by the University’s insurance company. If you have an out-of-state license, you will be required to provide an MVR for our insurance company. Please allow 48 hours for processing time.
    3. Anyone assigned to drive a University van must complete an alert driving program, which consists of computer and driving tests.
  2. A Travel Authorization form must be completed, signed, and turned into the motor pool office located at the Physical Plant. All travel forms can be located on University Accounting’s Travel Reimbursements page, and can either be placed in campus mail or faxed to ext. 5785. This should be turned in at least 8 hours prior to vehicle pick up time, except for emergency circumstances
  3. Insurance is updated every September. Lists are sent to each department in Mid-June for updates and removals. New hires will be added to these lists during the year.
  4. A contact person who is familiar with the use arrangements and a phone number should be on all forms.
  5. Packets containing keys, insurance cards, incident reports, emergency contact, a pen, and mileage sheet, can be picked up Monday through Friday from 7 am until 5 pm at the front office of the Physical Plant. After hours and on weekends they can be picked up at the Campus Safety office located on Leslie Campbell Ave.
  6. Vehicles are parked in the motor pool parking lot located next to the Physical Plant. Each vehicle is identified by the number inside the gas cap. The driver of the vehicle may leave their personnel vehicle in this lot. There will be a parking pass located in the packet for use in the personal vehicle.
  7. When returning vehicles employees must park in the returned vehicle parking spaces located on the right side of the parking lot. Place all information inside the original packet and place it in the drop-off box located at the front of the Physical Plant between the double doors. There will be a $20 penalty charge per day for cars not turned in.

Personal cars are to be used for University business only when special permission has been granted. The following conditions apply:

  1. Allowable expenses are listed on the University purchasing website. Fines for violation of traffic laws are not reimbursable.
  2. The driver must have a valid North Carolina driver’s license.
  3. There must be proper insurance coverage.

Employees are not to rent cars unless specially authorized to do so.

Car rental requires the same approvals as other purchases. When a car is to be rented, the employee must make sure the car is fully insured. He or she will most likely have to pay extra for complete coverage. 

Reimbursement for this expense, if not charged on a University credit card, will be made as for all other travel expenses incurred on the University’s behalf.


We will add details about lodging soon. See the current policy for University business traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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