Rural Food Access Summit Schedule

Networking Lunch

We are excited to offer an opportunity for our summit participants, session leaders, panelists and keynote speaker to enjoy time networking and making new connections during lunch. This will allow our participants the opportunity to ask questions or gain insight from experts in food access, food insecurities and other organizations that are bridging the food gap. Session breakout rooms will be designated for this networking lunch session.


The schedule for the Rural Food Access Summit, including breakout sessions, will be posted soon.

Topic Speaker
The NC 10% Campaign and UFOODS Kathleen Liang, Co-Director of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS)
Senior Food Access in Rural Areas Norma White, Orange County Rural Alliance Meals on Wheels
The Experiences of Food Insecurity and Food Access among Grandparents Raising Grandchildren in Rural Communities Marie Gualtieri, doctoral candidate in Sociology, NC State University
Local Food Procurement in Farm to Early Care and Education Programs: Analysis of Innovative Models Dara Bloom, Assistant Professor and Local Foods Extension Specialist, NC State University
The Summer Food Service Program and the challenge of the school to summer transition Cynthia Ervin, NC Summer Nutrition Program Manager
The Campus Kitchens Project at Campbell University Caroline Wilson, Campbell student
Getting Back to Our Roots: the Campbell University Mustard Seed Community Garden Roots Festival Tyana Ellis, Campbell University MSPH student and Morgan Pajak, Campbell University Divinity student
Faithful Families Thriving Communities Annie Hardison-Moody, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, NC State University
Produce “Prescription” Program for Food Insecure Diabetic Patients Taylor McKaig, MSPH
Implementation of a Nutrition Stoplight Rating System at a Rural Food Pantry James Hampson, Campbell MSPH/Physician Assistant student
Edible Landscapes on College Campuses Laura Midlin, Edible Campus Coordinator, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Campus Supported Agriculture Produce Boxes Bill Landis, Professor of Nutrition, Meredith College and Sarah Massey, Meredith College Food and Nutrition student
Composting to Reduce Food Waste Rachel Putnam, Campbell Physician Assistant Student
Meal Kits Addressing Health Determinants Surrounding Food Insecurity at a Rural Food Pantry Shaniqua Simuel, Campbell University MSPH student
Supporting Farmers through Farmland Preservation Jenna Wadsworth, Wake County Soil and Water Conversation District Supervisor
Responding to Food Insecurity in the wake of Natural Disasters Jason Benton, Pastor, Solider Bay Baptist Church
The Portable Nutrition Lab: An Applied Learning Initiative Amelia Huelskamp, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Creating a Local Food Certification Program in the Greater Wilmington, NC Region Jill Waity, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Development of Community Gardeners as a Way to Reduce Food Insecurity David Brenner, founder of Wilmington Green Community Gardens