Blog Policy

University Blog Purpose

The purpose of the Campbell University blog is to curate marketing-focused communication and cultivate thought leadership relevant to the University’s mission.


  • Only Campbell University faculty, staff and graduate assistants may write for the Campbell University blog. An active Campbell University email account is required.
  • Accounts will not be provided for external University partners. An external, vetted University partner may submit a post, and a University blog user may publish on the partner’s behalf. (These contributors can be noted within the Contributor fields.)


  • Content must be original.
    • Content from other websites may not be reposted to the Campbell University blog. Instead, write original content, then cite and link to the external article. This approach avoids potential copyright infringement and also improves SEO.
    • Content posted to the Magazine, News or Calendar sites should not be reposted to the University Blog.
  • Content must adhere to the University’s mission.
  • Content must be in compliance with copyright law. Authors are responsible for acquiring permissions to post copyrighted material, including photographs.
  • Content must follow brand guidelines and editorial guidelines along with web and social media policies.
  • Content that promotes upcoming event dates and details should be posted to and should not be posted on the University blog. Exceptions include highlighting an event speaker, event recaps, etc.

Prohibited Blog Content

  • Personal views and opinions that are inconsistent with the University’s mission.
  • Links to pages, videos, social media or images that are inconsistent with the University’s mission.
  • Content that is geared toward personal business or personal gain.
  • Advertising non-university entities, businesses or products.
  • Blog content that implies institutional endorsement of a project, service or opinion.

Academic & External Blogs

The Fine Print

  • University branding and/or the Campbell University name cannot be used for external or personal blogs or websites (i.e. any site that is outside of the domain) as this is a violation of University licensing, copyright, and trademark policies.
  • University Communications & Marketing reserves the right to remove, at any time, content that is posted on a blog or website that is inconsistent with the University’s mission and policies or in violation of local, state or federal law.
  • Blog accounts that are not regularly contributing content will be archived. If a blog is inactive for more of a semester, University Communications & Marketing may contact you. If it’s still inactive after three months, University Communications & Marketing will archive it.