Club Sport FAQs

Students are encouraged to review the answers to these frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us. 

A club sport is a student-run organization, whose sole purpose is to serve as an alternative to varsity and intramural sports. The club is a group of students who share a love for a particular sport but want to be more competitive than intramurals. 

Any current graduate or undergraduate student may be a part of a club, but they cannot be on a  varsity roster.

Club Sports are governed by the Club Sports Council, which is comprised of all presidents of each club and an executive council. They make the decisions for Club Sports that are enforced by the  Graduate Assistant for Competitive Sports.

Visit Carter Gym and ask for Daniel Snyder or the Graduate Assistant for Competitive Sports. Further details will then be given to you about how to get the club sport you would like here on campus.

Each club’s activity level is different. Some of our clubs participate in tournaments at regional or national levels, while others only hold recreational games against surrounding schools.

The Graduate Assistant for Competitive Sports will handle requests for tournaments. Individual games will be scheduled by the club president and reviewed by the Competitive Sports department.

Every club practice varies. Campus Recreation attempts to be as fair as possible when scheduling facilities to be used.

Fields and space is limited, so it is imperative that we coordinate with intramurals as well as other clubs.

Email the Graduate Assistant for Competitive Sports with the request. Their business cards and contact information are located at the Carter Gym front desk.  

A practice can be scheduled as soon as the Club Sports interest meeting takes place during the first week of every Fall Semester.