Children’s Swimming Program

Aquatics Update (11-17-23):

The Aquatic Center is open and the hours are:  Monday – Friday 11:30pm – 2:00pm / 6:00pm – 8:30pm and Saturdays 12:00pm – 5:00pm.

High School Swimming Starts Monday, Oct. 30th.  There will be limited lane availability from 6:30pm – 8:30pm Monday – Friday.  Refer to the calendar when planning your visit.  There will be afternoons and evenings the pool will be closed for swim meets.  The season will continue through February 9th.

Keep an eye on the Aquatics Center & Keith Hill’s Pool Event Calendars.  We will do our best keeping it updated with upcoming closures or events that may limit pool access such as Holidays, Swim Meets, Parties, etc.

Dates the Aquatic Center will be closed for the Holidays:

Thanksgiving       Nov. 22 – 26

Christmas             Dec. 21 – Jan. 1

Keep an eye on this website for spring programming information. 

If there are any general questions, pool access questions, you want to be on our lesson distribution please feel free to get in touch with us.

Swim School

The Swim School Program is for children 2 to 11 years old.  Sessions will be offered as the schedule permits throughout the year.  A session will have (6) classes meeting (2) days per week for (3) weeks.  Morning and evening options will be offered.  Each class will consist of 40 minutes of instruction.  We reserve the right to combine class times in any session depending on the number of participants.
Parents will be allowed on the pool deck during classes unless it interrupts instruction or becomes a safety issue.  Following each class, there will be 10 minutes available for parents to talk with instructors.
All Group Lessons take place at the Aquatic Center.


The Waterbabies Program is for children under 2 years old.  This class is an opportunity for young children to start experiencing the water alongside a parent or caregiver.  Participants will experience instruction on Aquatic Safety, Support Positions, Hydrodynamic Principles, Comfort Exercises, Fun and More! 
A session will have (6) classes meeting (2) days per week for (3) weeks.  Each class will consist of 30 minutes of instruction.  Morning options are only offered at this time.
Learn-to-Swim Details ~ Fall 2023
The cost for the Swim School / Waterbabies is $100 per child.  There is a multi-child discount available.  Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Register early to ensure your choice of sessions and class times.
In the event of a class cancellation, the staff will do its best to notify parents through email.  We will do our best to find a convenient time to make up any missed classes.


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Intermediate/Advanced Swimming Program

This opportunity will be taught two days per week for the fall.  It is for intermediate/advanced participants between the ages of 7 – 16 involved in an independent education program with an interest in swimming as a physical activity choice.  Space for this initial offering will be limited.  

  1. Rhythmic Breathing
  2. Float on Stomach/Back
  3. Flutter, Dolphin & Breast Kicks
  4. Swim 25 Yards Continuously and Succession with rest
  5. 15 Yards Front Crawl
  6. 15 Yards Backstroke

Registration will be available using the link above.

Intermediate/Advanced Program Details ~ Fall 2023
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Contact & Directions

If you have any questions, please contact Montz Burckhardt at 919-810-1435 or e-mail
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