Terms of Service

In an effort to provide the best in customer service, the Copy Center is posting its Terms Of Service.

Copy Center Terms and Conditions

  • All customers must fill out a paper or online job order form.
  • All requisitions or forms must include an authorization signature and budget code at the time of submission. Online authorization will be verified by a phone call.
  • No job will be started or scheduled until a signed requisition with a budget code is submitted with all materials – copy, photographs, images – related to the job.
  • Consultations to discuss your job with Customer Service representatives or with designers may be scheduled by appointment. Call ext. 5743 at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Price and timeline quotes for jobs will be provided within 24 hours of request. Call ext. 5743.
  • All orders involving designers received after noon will be processed/clocked in for the next business day.
  • Should a job be cancelled, once the job is in progress, a design fee will be applied to that requisition.


  • Upon confirmation of proof receipt – proofs must be returned within 24 hours. Delay in returning proofs will affect the return date of your finished project.
  • 1 original proof will be provided per job. One set of revisions will be allowed – and a second proof will be provided with no additional charge. Any additional revisions will accrue further delays and charges. The proof must be returned within 24 hours.

Estimated Return Time


  • 200 pages or less – on demand
  • Larger jobs – 24 to 48 hours

Print Jobs

  • 30-day lead time is required for design, printing and finishing upon receipt of a job order with an authorized signature and budget code.
  • Time may vary based on complexity, size and finishing requirements. Contact the Copy Center for a consultation.
  • Jobs submitted in December may require additional time, due to Campbell holidays.

Jobs Requiring Design (Brochures, Postcards, Posters, etc.)

  • Allow 30 days for design, printing and finishing upon receipt of a job order with an authorized signature and budget code.
  • All designs are designed in accordance to the Campbell University Brand Guide
  • All errors in files designed by anyone other than the Copy Center designer will be the responsibility of the job owner. The job owner will be responsible for ensuring any corrections or amendments are executed before the job will be printed.
  • All photographs submitted for publication must be at the highest resolution or equivalent to at least 300 dpi. The job owner must have the rights and permissions to use all submitted images. The Copy Center reserves the right to request a file copy of that permission authorization.
  • All jobs designed by anyone other than a Copy Center personnel and not requiring design changes must be submitted in a camera-ready .pdf format. A proof will be sent to the job owner for approval. Upon receipt of the proof, the proof must be returned within 24 hours. Any changes or corrections are the responsibility of the job owner.
  • Any text file submitted for use by the Copy Designer designers must be submitted in a .doc (Word) file format. All major changes to a proof, reprint or existing file must be resubmitted in a digital .doc format. Any hand-written changes must be clearly legible.
  • Do not submit original disks, digital media or thumb drives. Digital files can be submitted by CD, DVD or email. Digital media will not be returned to the job owner. Hard Copies may be scanned for submission.
  • All disks or digital media submitted must be clearly labeled (disk and cover).
  • All certificates, diplomas and data-merge files must be supplied to PhotoGraphics in their entirety and in the proper spreadsheet format with column titles. Improperly formatted files will be subject to a deadline extension. All spreadsheets that are supplied incorrectly will be returned to the job owner for correction.
  • All digital graphic files must be sent to copycenter@campbell.edu. No graphic files will be sent directly to the printer, without prior approval.
  • Please allow 3 weeks to process and digitize signatures. Access to signatures must be approved by either a member of the Administration or the owner of the signature.
  • No changes will be made to business cards, stationery or envelopes that conflict with the approved Brand Guide without express written approval from the Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

Jobs not requiring Design, Print Only (Tests, Syllabi, Course Packs, etc.)

Standard jobs

  • All printing jobs must be submitted by a requisition with an authorization signature and a budget code.
  • Text files may be submitted directly to the printer.
  • Graphic files must be pre-approved by Copy Center personnel designers before they can be sent to the printer.

Course Packs

  • All faculty requests for course packs are to be coordinated through the Campbell University bookstore.

Tests/Sensitive documents

  1. Faculty members may bring the document to the Copy Center to be printed with a signed requisition form and budget code.
  2. Faculty members may submit the document through a secure private print cue to be installed on their computer. Documents will be viewable only by sender and printer. Available upon request. Signed authorization and budget code must be provided.


Upon receipt of work the customer hereby agrees to save, hold harmless, and indemnify Campbell University, Incorporated, its agents, officers, and employees from any and all claims of copyright or patent infringement as a result of the requested services above, including but not limited to claims for monetary damages, court costs, fines, and attorney fees.

The Copy Center requires a signature prior to the printing or copying of any documents that appear to be copyrighted, even if an insignia does not appear in the document or portion of the document.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time by the Copy Center.