PCI Compliance

We understand that complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), along with the protection of other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may be difficult and confusing for some departments. We offer this set of best practices for you to implement into your office procedures to better understand and comply with the requirements of the standards and federal regulations.

View Best Practices for Handling Personally Identifiable Information


Requesting a Storefront

Considerations Before You Begin:
  • University departments, student organizations, etc. are provided two options for collecting monies electronically.
    • Option 1. TouchNet may be used for merchandise sales and events unrelated to fundraising.  TouchNet cannot be used for collecting donations or fundraising events.
    • Option 2. MobileCause may be used for merchandise sales, events, collecting donations, and fundraising events. MobileCause is the preferred portal for crowdfunding initiatives.
  • Campbell University branding standards must be followed. UCOMM Approval is required before a storefront will be created for merchandise sales.  The Bursar’s Office is committed to protecting the trademarks, service marks, logos, symbols, and indicia that belong to the University and that are associated with the values and traditions of Campbell.  For more information, visit University Communications & Marketing.
  • Campus Approval for your StoreFront is required.
  • Products, pricing, and required customer information fields should be determined early in the process.
  • Do your research.
    • Be prepared to provide a financial account number to support accuracy in posting payments received.
    • Will the product or event require the collection of sales tax?
    • When would you like to go live with your storefront? When should the storefront be deactivated?  Will this storefront be used each semester, annually, etc.?
  • Transaction sales minimum is $5.00.
  • Processing Fees: The fee varies on a transaction basis as corporate cards and reward cards charge a higher rate than debit card transactions.  The average cost to process payment card transactions is 3%.  The cost of processing payment card transactions will be absorbed by the department or organization.   
  • Upon approval, it will take 2 to 4 weeks to start accepting payments. January and August may take 4 to 6 weeks before a storefront is ready to go live.  Please plan accordingly. 
View Storefront Process for Branded Merchandise View Storefront Process for Events