About Interprofessional Education


To develop healthcare professionals as effective leaders and members of interprofessional healthcare teams through: clinically innovative didactic and experiential curriculum; collaboration aligning within education, research, and service; and application grounded in valued partnerships within our community and healthcare systems

We seek to develop not only students but also educators and clinicians who, together, catalyze the team-based care movement to transform the rural healthcare landscape for patients and populations

Through the development of all of these agents of change, CUIPE seeks to ultimately create an integrated continuum balancing curriculum and team-based care, advancing a superior healthcare model for all, one grounded in core principles of interprofessional collaborative practice, patient-centered care, and evidence-based medicine


CUIPE will be nationally-recognized as a program that molds a community of healthcare providers – students, faculty, and clinicians alike – who, through interprofessional collaborative practice, promote efforts to reduce the cost of healthcare, to transform the patient experience, and to improve overall population health.

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