Faculty Development Grant Program

As part of the goal of enhancing academic quality, Initiative 1.7 of Campbell University’s Strategic Plan is to increase and improve faculty development support and funding. This has resulted in a new Faculty Development Grant Program. Professional development funds will be available for faculty, outside of existing support for scholarly pursuits. These funds can be applied to a wide range of activities that align with professional development. Beginning in the 2017-18 academic year, 15 awards, up to $2,500 each, will be available.


The purpose of the Faculty Development Grant is to encourage the professional growth of faculty at Campbell University by providing funding for development activities and opportunities. This grant is not to be used directly to fund research efforts. An ad hoc committee on Support for Faculty Development (Strategic Initiative 1.7) collaborated with faculty and administration to create this new grant in the Fall of 2017. The Faculty Development and Research Committee now administers the grant program.

Qualifications of Applicant / Eligibility

Preference will be given to full-time undergraduate faculty, but part-time and graduate faculty are also eligible and encouraged to apply. Applicants must have completed at least one full year of service at Campbell University. Please list your name, position, status, and if you teach undergraduate or graduate students.

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Please provide a thorough description of the proposed activity, including such things as purpose, planned objectives or outcomes, and a timeline for deliverables and milestones.

Grant ideas include but are not limited to the following examples: workshops in or out of discipline area, certificate programs, conferences, or training in a new research or pedagogical skill. Interdisciplinary and collaborative or group proposals are also encouraged.   


In this section, explain how your chosen professional development opportunity aligns with Campbell’s mission and the faculty’s current position. This should include a plan to share any added benefits to Campbell faculty and staff beyond the scope of the professional development activity.


Please provide a budget detailing expenditures in support of the project for funding up to $2,500. Also provide an anticipated date by which funds will be needed.   Funding will be restricted to one award per recipient per year.

The funds are to be used for reimbursable expenses related to the project. The funds will not be used as compensation in the form of salary.

Award Process and Wrap-Up

Proposal submission timelines:

Fall Submission

  • Fall Deadline: Oct. 1
  • Fall Notification: Nov. 1

Spring Submission

  • Spring Deadline: Feb. 15
  • Spring Notification: Mar. 15

Grant submissions should be directed to facultydevelopment@campbell.edu. The Faculty Development and Research Committee will evaluate submissions and make awards.

Recipients will submit a wrap-up report to include the following elements: intended goals, actual impact, summary of use of funds, and plans for public presentation. Recipients need to present at a Campbell University public venue. Acceptable presentation venues might include the library Lightning Talks, departmental presentations, school/college meetings, lunch-and-learn events, etc. The presentation should be scheduled no later than one year after the successful grant activity is completed. 

Wrap-up report must be submitted to facultydevelopment@campbell.edu no later than May 15 of the following academic year. As part of a long-term follow-up, the Committee may ask awardees about impact of the grant on their development and careers in subsequent years.

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Faculty Development Grant Recipients

Evan Reynolds
Multifaceted Teaching Development: Pursuing Recommendations Based on Peer Review of Teaching

Tim Shenk
2022 Chemical Engineering Summer School

Alicia Myers
Divinity School
Using Historical Archives: Baptist History

Khalil Eldeeb
IAMSE 2022 Annual Conference

Katherine Van Allen
School of Education & Human Sciences
Presenting at the Southeastern Psychological Association’s annual conference

Michelle Thomas
Defining and Improving Critical Thinking

Lydia Huffman Hoyle
Divinity School
Personal Engagement with an Amish Community

Deb Weaver
Addressing Inequities in Higher Education: STEM

Tony Cartledge
Divinity School
Northeast Modern Language Association Meeting

Karen Mishra
Lundy-Fetterman School of Business
Gallup Global Strengths Certification

Tim Shenk
School of Engineering
37th Annual National Effective Teaching Institute Workshop

Philip Morrow
Alleluia Conference for Music and Worship

Justin Nelson
School of Education & Human Sciences
A Framework for Christian Higher Education and Church-Community Partnerships

Ran Whitley
Alleluia Conference for Music and Worship

Laura Lunsford
School of Education & Human Sciences
European Mentoring and Coaching Council Conference

Michael Phillips
National Association of Music Merchants Conference

Terrie Hampton-Jones
School of Education & Human Sciences
Teaching Collaboration and Student Study-Abroad—Ghana

Lori Leineke
Selective Functional Movement Screen Assessment Level 1 and 2

Tony Cartledge
Divinity School
An Amish Experience: Interviews

Khalil Eldeeb
Transforming Your Teaching for the Virtual Environment

Mohsen Manesh
School of Engineering
14th Annual Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy

Sarah Christie
Exercise Science/College of Arts and Sciences
Functional Nutrition Course

Maggie Horvath
Fine Arts, Music/College of Arts and Sciences
Big Ink at Artspace Raleigh

Stephanie Mathews Biological Sciences/College of Arts and Sciences
Graphic Design Certification for Improved Scientific Communication

Timothy Shenk
School of Engineering
National Effective Teaching Institute-1 Workshop

Ryan Newson
Christian Studies/College of Arts and Sciences
Bioethics and Humanities Conference

Alison Polasik
School of Engineering
Tinius Olsen Training to Support Education and Research

Evan Reynolds
Chemistry and Physics/College of Arts and Sciences
Taking the MCAT to Enhance Biochemistry Teaching and Programs

Sally Thomas
Fine Arts, Music/College of Arts and Sciences
Resources and Protocols for Online Voice Teaching

Susie Mallard Barnes
Social Work/School of Education & Human Sciences
Training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Sarah Boberg
Divinity School
Improving Communication in Education and Ministry

Pius Fasinu
Pharmaceutical Sciences/Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Certification in Pharmacotherapy

Laura Lunsford
Psychology/School of Education & Human Sciences
Indexing the Handbook for Managing Mentoring Programs

Paula Parker
Exercise Science/Arts & Sciences
2020 Association for Applied Sport Psychology Conference

Evan Reynolds
Chemistry and Physics/Arts & Sciences
Virtual SACNAS Conference

Victoria Smith
Physical Therapy/Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Faculty Teaching Equity

Miranda van Tilburg
Clinical Research/Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Virtual NASPGHAN Annual Meeting

Donna Waldron
English/Arts & Sciences
English 219: Oxford Christians—Tolkien, Lewis, and Sayers

Adam English
Christian Studies/Arts & Sciences
Global Christianity Gordon Conwell Workshop

Michael Gallagher
Pharmaceutical Sciences/ Pharmacy & Health Sciences
ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Karen Guzman
Biology/Arts & Sciences
3D Printing of Biological Molecules in the Classroom

Maggie Horvath
Fine Arts/Arts & Sciences
SCAD Educator Forum Continuing Education Workshop

V. Rene Ibarra
Foreign Language/Arts & Sciences
Transitioning to Teaching Language Online

Michael Jiroutek
Clinical Research/Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Joint Statistical Meeting

Laura Gail Lunsford
European Mentoring & Coaching Council Conference

Phillip Morrow
Music/Arts & Sciences
Music Ministry in the 21st Century

Matthew Peterson
Clinical Research/Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Mentor Match at American Geriatrics Society Meeting

Timothy  Shenk
Chemical Engineering/Engineering
7th National Effective Teaching Institute (NETI-1) Workshop

Edward Bert Wallace
Fine Arts/Arts & Sciences
Conference on Theatre and Race

Rebecca Crouch
Physical Therapy/Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Simulation Lab Training Workshop for Faculty

Dustin Wilson
Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy & Health Sciences
ASHP Pharmacokinetics Certificate

Deborah Constantine
Physical Therapy
Geriatric Certification Program

Patrick Larkin
Finance and Accounting
MBAA/AFA Conference

Chris Godwin and Courtney Mayakis
AAQEP Certification

Paula Parker
Exercise Science
Association of Sport Psychology Conference

Victoria Smith
Physical Therapy

Jutta Street
International Virtual Exchange Conference

Katherine Van Allen
Student Advisement Tools

Mary Weiss
Exercise Science
NAKHE Conference

Ran Whitley
Worship Curriculum Conference

Dorothea Thompson
Infectious Diseases ID Week 2019 Conference

Phillip Morrow
The Hymn Society Annual Conference

Jennifer Wagstaff
Mental Health First Aid Instructor Certification

Sherry Truffin
Poetics & Linguistics Conference

Jennifer Bashaw            Christian Studies
Enneagram Training

Michelle Green
Physical Therapy 
Conference on Human Perception of Verticality

Debora Weaver
Spanish as Tool for Building Intercultural Courses

Charles Wilson
Therapeutic Hand Drumming Intensive Certification

Brittany Hansen
MathFest Conference

Susie Barnes
Social Work
Social Work Partnership with medical outreach

 Sarah Christie
Exercise Science
Athletic Training Educators’ Conference

Pius Fasinu
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Training in Pharmacogenomics 

Chris Godwin
Teaching Professor Conference 

Michael Jiroutek
Clinical Research
Conference: Teaching Statistics

Scott Kelly
Business conferences

Paula Parker
Exercise Science 
Certification Mental Performance

Anastasia Rynearson     Engineering 
Reimagine Engineering Summit at Disney

Jaclyn Stanke
History, Political Science
Intercultural Skills Conference

Corrie Struble
Exercise Science
Evaluation of low back and pelvis

Charles Wilson
Therapeutic Hand Drumming

Jennifer Bunn
Physical Therapy 
Improving Writing and Stat. Skills

Kristen Moran
Mindfulness Educators Training

Elizabeth Vincent
Career Assessments

Blue, Elizabeth
Conference for American Chemical Society Certification

Bowman, R. Brian
“Hope Conference” Attendance

Burgher, Jacqueline
CCPS Faculty Workshop

Farmer, J. Dean
“Hope Conference” Attendance

Hanson, Brittany
MAA MathFest Conference & Workshop, Project NExT fellowship

Hilgers, Rob
Health Sciences, Pharm
Software Training for elective course

Jorgenson, Cameron
StoryBrand Online Marketing Workshop

Martin, Herman
Camp Lejeune / Online
Dark Net III Conference

Miller, Michele
Tinius Olsen Equipment, on-campus training

Rynearson, Anastasia
Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology Symposium

Sharp Parker, Amanda
Homeland Security
Certificate in Cybersecurity

Thomas, Sally
Fine Arts
National Association of Teachers of Singing Conference

Tudini, Frank
Physical Therapy
Certificate of Intensive Training in Motivational Interviewing

Whitley, Ran
Fine Arts
NAA Piping and Drumming

Jason Bennett
Adult & Online Education
Online Learning Consortium Accelerate Conference Attendance

Jennifer Bunn
Physical Therapy
BRIDGES Leadership Program Attendance

Sarah Christie and Corrie Struble
Athletic Training
Development of Continuing Education Course for Athletic Trainers

Deborah Weaver
Biological Sciences
Certificate in Global Health

Claudia Williams
Biological Sciences
Spanish Language Study