Human Subjects Research Training

All individuals involved in the design, conduct or analysis of human subjects research are required to be certified in human subjects research protections (HSRP) training prior to the submission of a protocol for IRB review.

Faculty, staff, and students must complete the human subjects research protection module via the Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) Program.

Community research team members may obtain human subjects research protection training via CIRTification Community Involvement in Research. Depending upon the type of human subject research, additional HSRP training may be required.

Additional training may be required for individuals when conducting research funded by certain federal agencies (e.g. Department of Defense, Department of Navy, and NIH). It is the Principal Investigator’s responsibility to know and obtain the required training.

Training is valid for a three-year period, after which time the training must be refreshed.

All members of the research team, including the faculty advisor, involved in the conduct of Human Subjects Research must complete training.

Users are expected to maintain their certification records individuals by printing out their completion reports or notifications.

Training Documents & Resources

Detailed information regarding program contents, registration, and enrollment instructions for both training programs can be found in the IRB Investigator Manual or IRB SOP: Human Subject Research Training Requirements.

Contact IRB

For more information please contact the IRB Office.