Alumni Award for Faculty Teaching Excellence

The Faculty Development Committee is tasked with selecting and presenting the D. P. Russ, Jr. and Walter S. Jones, Sr. Alumni Award for Teaching Excellence through the Provost’s Office.

The D. P. Russ, Jr. and Walter S. Jones, Sr. Alumni Award for Teaching  Excellence represents one of the highest faculty commendations within the University. This award aims to give all faculty members a chance to recognize the good work of their fellow colleagues. 

Recipients receive a commemorative trophy and a $500 prize. They are also featured in Accolades, an annual publication highlighting the noteworthy achievements of University faculty.


The Campbell University Faculty Development Committee is now accepting nominations for the D. P. Russ, Jr. and Walter S. Jones, Sr. Alumni Award for Teaching Excellence.

Nominations are open to all full-time faculty members at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Any faculty member may nominate any other full-time faculty member, whether that person resides in one’s own department or another. Nominations are confidential.

Submission Requirements

Nominations should be made to the Faculty Development Committee at in the form of a letter of nomination highlighting recent accomplishments and innovations, the record of outstanding achievement and the impact of the nominee’s teaching.

  • Each letter should include the nominee’s name, rank, department/academic unit, and years at Campbell.
  • Highlight major accomplishments, publications, or activities that commend this individual. When the opportunity is available, please contextualize those accomplishments to help provide perspective.

Nomination submissions close on February 15.

Nominees will then be asked by the committee to submit the following

  1. Teaching Philosophy (not to exceed 1 page).
  2. A maximum of 2 types of evidence of teaching excellence or innovation. Evidence may include but is not limited to:
    1. A course syllabus
    2. Evidence to show Blackboard Course Structure
    3. Documentation to show participation in peer review
    4. Library symposium participation (student posters, student presentations, performances)
    5. Evidence of mentoring through student awards, conference participation, undergraduate research, or special projects
    6. Documenting curriculum design
    7. Evidence of pedagogical research or training
    8. Comments from Student Evaluations of Faculty (if this is provided, please indicate which level of course is taught for the comments provided: introductory, major-specific, upper-level, graduate-level, or QEP)
  3. A brief document explaining each evidence provided not to exceed 250 words per evidence of teaching excellence provided.

All submissions will be evaluated using the following guidelines:

Evaluation Rubric

Past Recipients

The D. P. Russ, Jr. and Walter S. Jones, Sr.
Alumni Award for Teaching Excellence

2023 — Dr. Lee Rynearson (School of Engineering)
2022 — Dr. Yen-Ping Kuo (Microbiology and Immunology, Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine)
2021 — Dr. Cameron Jorgenson (Divinity School) 
2020 — Dr. Brian Kesling (Chemistry, College of Arts & Sciences)
2019 — Dr. Michelle Green (Physical Therapy, College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences) 
2018 — Dr. Meredith Williams (Math/Information Technology & Security, College of Arts & Sciences)
2017 — Dr. Mike Cogdill (Divinity School)
2016 — Dr. Charlotte Paolini, (Family Medicine, Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine)
2015 — Dr. Jennifer Smith (Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences)
2014 — Dr. Yu-Mong Hsiao (School of Business) 
2013 — Dr. Chris Havran (Biology, College of Arts & Sciences)
2012 — Dr. Michael Smith (Communication, College of Arts & Sciences)


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