Academic and Tutoring Services

Student Success provides a variety of academic support for all courses offered each semester on the main campus.  Please review the options below and find the one that best addresses your area of concern. If you are unsure, please contact us!  All academic support services are offered at no additional cost.  

CU Tutoring Centers

Tutoring Centers are located on the third floor of Wiggins Library and in room 149 of Lundy Fetterman. Work one-on-one or in small groups with a tutor for assistance with many courses. See the link at the left for course offerings. Tutors for all courses offered will be available during all Tutoring Center hours, which are Sunday-Thursday from 7-10 p.m. Appointments are available but not required - see the link at the the left to make your appointment. Bring your books, notes, syllabus and any applicable supplemental materials. The Tutoring Center is open during fall and spring semesters only.

CU Writing Center
Need help with your paper? Bring any paper for any course to the third floor of Wiggins Library Sunday-Thursday from 7-10 p.m. A trained writing coach will review your work and offer suggestions and assistance to improve your paper. See the link at the left for more details. The Writing Center is open during fall and spring semesters only.

Peer Tutoring
If the course you need assistance with is not offered in the CU Tutoring Center or your schedule will not allow you to use the center, you may request a tutor here if you are a non-athlete student  or here if  you are a student athlete. Please understand that it may take a week or longer to connect with a peer tutor.  Trained peer tutors are available during fall and spring semesters and on a limited basis during summer sessions.

Academic Coaching
Do you know that you need additional academic support, but are not sure where to begin? Our individual academic coaching can give you the insight you need to affirm and improve your academic strengths and weaknesses. Review study, note-taking, or test-taking skills. Learn how to manage test anxiety. Receive general tips as well as help with subject-specific study skills. You can request an academic coach by clicking here and filling out a request form.

Group Review Sessions
No registration needed!  Simply attend the group review session that is offered for your course, which will be announced in class. Group Review sessions last between one and two hours beginning with a review of materials covered in class presented by the group review leader. The remaining time is available for group work on homework assignments and individual assistance from the group review leader.  

Supplemental Instruction
Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions are regularly-scheduled, peer-facilitated academic support initiatives in which students compare notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools, and review for upcoming exams. The sessions are facilitated by trained “SI leaders," students who have previously performed well in the course and will attend all class lectures, take notes, and act as model students.  SI session times and location(s) will be announced during class and do not require an appointment.