When to call HR

Please notify your HR Department in the following situations:

  • If your home address and/or phone number change. (please send an email with new information to one of the emails below)
  • If your marital status changes.
  • If your dependent children graduate college or are no longer full-time students.
  • If you have claim questions you cannot resolve.
  • If your spouse has a work status change and needs to be added on our plan.
  • If you are disabled or need an extended absence from work for reasons of health(for you or a family member).
  • Payroll or personnel matters.

Deborah H Ennis (910) 893-1255 [email protected];  Amy R Emory (910) 893-1699 [email protected]; or  (910) 893-1256

Frequently Asked Questions

When am I eligible?

All full-time employees (minimum 30 hours per week) are eligible to begin benefits on the first day of the first month following the hire date, unless the hire date is the first day for the month.

When would payroll deductions begin for any elected coverage?

All payroll deductions will be taken out in the employee's first check of the month following an election.

Can I enroll later if I don't take all coverage now?

You cannot make changes in coverage prior to January 1st each year unless you have a qualifying event.

Are there penalties if I enroll my dependents later?

Yes.  Cafeteria plan: Section 125 guidelines govern entrance and exit options into and out of a flex plan.  Premiums for changes may not be pre-taxable based on these rules.

If my employment terminates what coverage can I continue?

COBRA regulations will allow you to continue coverage for medical and dental for you and your dependents.  You will be notified of your options to continue your coverage during your exit interview.  The voluntary products are portable based on the contract regulations.


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