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Event to support first-year students’ transition to campus life and academics

What is Tartan?

Multi-day Support

The Tartan is a multi-day event designed to support incoming first-year students in their transition to Campbell University. During the Tartan, students will have the opportunity to learn about campus history, traditions, and resources and to make connections in our Campbell community that will contribute to their success.


Each student represents an important thread woven into the fabric of our camel history and identity. During this time of self-discovery, the Tartan provides a foundation for growth and signals our commitment to support each student through his or her collegiate journey and welcomes students to participate in the creation of new Campbell traditions.


A Tartan is a woolen cloth woven in one of several patterns of plaid historically associated with particular Scottish families like Campbell. We have chosen the name as a symbol of our “kinship” or deep connection to one another and our surroundings.

The Tartan Experience

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During these days before the first day of class our new commuter students are at home anxiously waiting for classes to begin and our new residents, equally eager, are being dropped off by their families into a semi self-quarantine environment moving into single room assignments.

A small team of student leaders, the Tartan team, is dedicated to helping all of our new students transition into the fabric of the campus community. Socially, by connecting them to each other through remote communications this summer and face-to-face events starting Saturday before classes begin.

We have designed Tartan 2021 for you to comfortably and safely be introduced to the campus and your new community with experiences that will have you explore the campus and the campus environment within State guidelines.

To begin the Tartan experience this summer, you will receive communication via university e-mail and text from your Tartan Team. We will engage you with your new peers and help get you ready for the Face-to-face Tartan.

Keep a lookout for our e-mail and text messages!

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We are excitedly planning the Tartan 2021. The Agenda will be posted soon!


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