CU Succeed

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CU Succeed is an intervention and tracking system that uses a holistic approach to student success. CU Succeed allows faculty to provide academic and non-academic warnings, as well as commend students for their accomplishments.

CU Succeed Progress Surveys provide a way for faculty to raise flags (concerns) and kudos (achievements) on students during critical points during the semester. 


How do I access CU Succeed?

Anyone can access CU Succeed through Blackboard. The CU Succeed tab is on the top right of your Blackboard access page. 

Who has permission to view flags raised in CU Succeed?

Privacy is important to us. Therefore, only the student, the flag raiser, and members of the student’s success network that have been granted viewing permissions are able to view flags raised on a student. Note, CU Succeed is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Protection Act (FERPA).

What is a Student Success Network?

The Student Success Network consists of members of the Campbell University community that participate in your academic success. Individuals must have a current relationship with the student during a semester (e.g. instructor, academic advisor, or administrator) to be a part of the student’s success network. Therefore, the Student Success Network may change each semester. Members of the Student Success Network are not able to view flags that have been raised.

When are CU Succeed Progress Surveys completed?

CU Succeed Progress Surveys are completed four weeks after the start of the semester and after the completion of midterms.

How can faculty access CU Succeed Progress Surveys?

Faculty will receive an email announcement when there is a new survey for them to complete. The email will include a list of surveys that should be completed. A link will also be provided for faculty to access CU Succeed. After completing your sign in for CU Succeed, faculty are able to select the Progress Survey for the course they would like to complete.

What happens when faculty raise a flag (concern) or kudo (recognition) for a student?

When a flag or kudo is raised an email notification is sent to the student and their Academic Advisor/Student Success Coordinator detailing the concern or recognition.

I see different flags and kudos, how do I know which one to select?

The system provides flags and kudos that are specifically for undergraduate students. Each of those flags and kudos begin with the UDGR prefix. Please be sure not to select the CPHS prefix, as those kudos and flags are specifically for College of Pharmacy and Health Science graduate students. 

Are CU Succeed Progress Surveys the only way I can address student concerns?

No. We encourage you to communicate directly with students about your concerns. However, if you do not feel comfortable speaking with the student about your concerns or have already done so and do not see any improvement you can raise individual flags in CU Succeed. You can raise individual flags by selecting the “My Students” tab in CU Succeed. The “My Students” tab will provide you with a list of all of your students. After you see your roster you should select the student’s name that you would like to raise a flag or kudo for. If you would like assistance with raising an individual flag or kudo please contact Academic Advising for individual assistance.