2021 Dean’s Award | Lundy-Fetterman School of Business

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Dr. Edward Fubara

Dr. Edward Fubara is the recipient of the 2021 Dean1s Award for Excellence for the Lundy­Fetterman School of Business.

Since arriving at Campbell in 2005, Dr. Fubara has been a consistent and outstanding contributor to the LFSB. He not only excels in the classroom but has held multiple key administrative roles. Regardless of his role, Dr. Fubara is noted for his positive attitude, his willingness to volunteer, his commitment to his students, and his natural collaborative instincts. He is both well-liked and highly respected by his faculty colleagues and the LFSB staff.

As a teacher, Dr. Fubara displays expertise, versatility, and enthusiasm for his courses. His courses are noted for engagement, organization, and insightful feedback. While excellent in the traditional classroom, Dr. Fubara is also an outstanding online instructor. He possesses the rare ability of achieving equal success teaching undergraduates, MBAs, or executives.

While course content, the course level, and the delivery method may vary, his teaching excellence remains stable. Dr. Fubara provides quiet leadership with the LFSB in all academic aspects of our program. His collegial approach allows him to work with faculty on crucial administrative areas such as assessment, accreditation, adherences to policies, course evaluations, scheduling, and various student issues.

In the past year, Dr. Fubara took on significant additional duties associated with our reaccreditation effort with in-depth expertise, tireless effort, and without complaint. Dr. Fubara is also actively engaged with LFSB outreach efforts to the business community. For years, he has organized our very successful corporate training program for regional companies. He willingly devotes his expertise and time to our Lunch & Learn efforts for area organizations.

Recently, he crafted sessions for a requested Diversity Training program. Our outreach efforts lean heavily on his expertise, teaching abilities, and inherent generosity.

Internally, Dr. Fubara is sought out to support LFSB programs and students. He willingly provides sessions for our Leadership Council. He is actively engaged with our Peer Mentoring program. He is a faculty leader in our study abroad initiatives and a major supporter of our Global Week. Dr. Fubara’s impact spans the entire LFSB. He is an excellent teacher, effective administrator, empathetic colleague, and an extraordinary individual who exemplifies the Campbell University spirit and mission.

Dr. Edward Fubara is very deserving of the 2021 Dean’s Award for Excellence.

Kevin J. O’Mara, Ph.D., CMA
Lundy-Fetterman School of Business