Our Camel Mascot

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Our Camel Mascot

Since making his first appearance in 1934, Gaylord the Camel can be seen strutting at Fighting Camels home games, riding around main campus on his tricycle, or making appearances with his good friend Gladys.

Origin of Gaylord the Camel

Campbell University’s first sports teams were nicknamed the Hornets. That mascot gave way to the Camels in 1934. So where did “the Camels” come from?

One urban legend suggests the nickname derived from people mishearing or mispronouncing the “Campbell” name. Another one has it that students in the early 1930s imagined their own slogan for the school: “I’d walk a mile for a camel.” But there’s little archival support for these tales.

The most popular theory goes back to 1900 — and to the fire…

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The Return of Gladys

In 2019 Gladys the Camel returned to the court after a 25-year hiatus. The last time Gladys and Gaylord were seen together was in 1993 when Campbell alumni Craig and Angela Lloyd portrayed the dromedary duo. Angela hung up her camel head upon graduation, and Gladys disappeared from the limelight.

The idea for Gladys’ return was tossed around for years before Campbell decided that bringing back Gladys in 2019 just made sense. The demand for Gaylord appearances had been difficult to meet with only a few student actors able to represent him, especially since the towering mascot’s suit requires actors who stand at least 5 feet 11 inches tall. Gladys is about a camel head shorter than Gaylord, which not only makes her less intimidating to younger fans, but allows more students the opportunity to portray her.

Gladys and Gaylord are just friends.

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