Become a CUFS Instructor

Campbell University Freshman Seminar (CUFS 100) is taught as a small, interactive class (average class size is 20). All CUFS classes share in common the following learning goals: Campbell Community Building, Academic Pathways and Success, Health & Wellness, and Identity Development.

If you are an interested Campbell faculty or staff member, and hold a Master’s degree or higher, please contact the Director of First-Year Experience, Matt Lengen, at

Hiring decisions are made each spring for the following academic term.

Instructors are compensated for their work, and are expected to:

  • Attend a training in late Spring
  • Develop your syllabi over the summer with your Peer Mentor
  • Teach a weekly CUFS 100 section (1 hour)
  • Meet weekly with your Peer Mentor (1/2 hour)
  • Attend regular instructor check-in meetings
  • Regular communication with your students and your Peer Mentor