Where do I go to make sure the University knows about my disability?
Students with disabilities who wish to receive accommodations while at Campbell University should register with the Office of Student Success very soon after arriving on campus. The office has the responsibility for coordinating efforts with students who have identified disabilities and works with students to ensure that accommodation plans are developed and implemented. You are encouraged to make an appointment.

What paperwork is required by the University to verify my disability and enable me to receive accommodations?
Documentation from a medical doctor, a licensed psychologist, education specialist, or a professional whose business is to assist persons with disabilities is sufficient to authorize assistance. The professional who issues the verification of disability will provide the recommended accommodations for the individual student. This paperwork is kept on file in a confidential manner in Student Success.

Who is responsible for contacting Student Success and providing the disability verification paperwork?
Unlike high school, the student has the sole responsibility to inform the University of his/her disability and to request accommodations. The request for accommodations must be made within a reasonable time in order for them to be allowed. The appropriate form for making accommodation requests should be obtained from the Office of Student Success.

Who contacts my professors about my accommodation plan?
Both the student and the Office of Student Support Success need to contact the professors. With written permission from the student, The Office of Student Support Sucess will notify the student’s professors about his/her allowed accommodations. The student also has a responsibility to discuss his/her accommodation plan with the professor.