COVID-19 Information for Faculty

UPDATE 09/28/2020: The University has moved to remote instruction for all undergraduate students 9/28/20 until 10/09/20. The following FAQ are provided to assist faculty as they provide accommodations remotely. Please contact us if you have other questions.

Q: How do I provide testing accommodations remotely?

A: If you are using  Blackboard, Respondus Lockdown Browser, and Respondus Monitor, see the list below:

Extended time

  • Set the time extension in Blackboard using the Test Availability Options. This can be done for each student individually, but must be repeated for each test or quiz you assign. Other systems will have options as well. Searching for these terms should help you find solutions: accommodation, disability, extended time.
  • The time extension is usually 1.5 X standard time (50% extension) or 2 X standard time (100% extension) and is noted on the student’s accommodation letter.
  • If you are using test time to limit use of course materials on the test, please know that students who are approved for extended test time must still be provided with that extension. There is specific case law on this issue.

Separate Setting

  • The student is responsible for finding a conducive environment to take their tests. The Test Center is open if students want to test with us.
  • Please be flexible with these students. They struggle with distraction in regular classrooms, and commuters may now be taking tests in homes full of noisy family. Giving at least a full 24-hour period to start a test can allow students to take their test when their homes are quietest.

Breaks as needed

  • Respondus Monitor will flag each time the student leaves the monitored area. Students who have breaks usually need these to either use the restroom or to manage anxiety, which is likely higher than usual at this time.
  • Students managing anxiety will be advised to stay within view of the camera when they take breaks. You’ll probably still see a flag, but you’ll be able to see the student when you review the footage.
  • Students who need to use the restroom will be flagged by Respondus for leaving the room. Do not penalize students who leave the room if they are approved for this accommodation.
  • Breaks are also not part of the student’s approved test time, and in the test center, we pause their time during breaks. If you are using timed tests, you will need to add time for students to take breaks. An additional 50% should work, so if the student only has breaks, you need to add a 50% time extension. If the student has extended time and breaks, you’ll need to increase their extended time (from 50% to 100% for most).

Read Aloud

Respondus Lockdown Browser will work with some screen reading software, including several free downloads. If your student needs to use these features, Disability Services will help them set up the software. You may be asked to create a sample quiz to let the student test the software.

The Test Center can also provide a reader if needed. You may be asked to provide a copy of the test.

Permission to reschedule tests/quizzes

  • This accommodation is given to students who are managing chronic illness, seizure disorders, migraine headaches, and other diagnoses that may unexpectedly render a student unable to take a test on a given day.
  • Many of these disorders are made worse by stress, and those managing chronic illness are under a particularly high level of stress right now. Please work with these students to reschedule their tests as their accommodations allow.
  • No penalty can be given if the student has this accommodation. This includes courses with no-makeup-test policies and also drop-a-grade policies. Even in courses with these policies, a student with this accommodation must be allowed to move their test if needed.

Permission to have food/drink in class or during tests

  • Respondus Monitor may flag a student who has a drink or snack within view of the camera. Please do not penalize students who have the accommodation to have food/drink in class or on tests.

Q: Is the Test Center open? 

A: Yes. We are open and giving tests for graduate and professional students. If you have an undergraduate student who needs to use our Test Center, we will be happy to discuss options with you or the student. If other students are taking the test remotely, a student with accommodations must be allowed to do so as well. If you have questions or concerns about how to make this happen, please see the Q&A above and contact us if that doesn’t answer your question. 

Q: What about captioning? 

A: If you are posting videos, you may have students who need captions. It’s always best practice to use videos with captions if available. If you get this request and don’t know how to provide the captions, please contact us for support.

Q: What about students who have trouble with screens?

A: Students may have migraines, visual impairments or other health issues that are complicated by longer screen time requirements. This is especially common with students who are recovering from concussion. If students share this with you and you are unsure how to help, kindly refer them to us for support.

Q: What about note taking?

A: If you are using recorded or live lectures, your student may still need notes. We have reached out to all students who receive notes asking if this service is still needed. If so, we will continue to use the same note takers and provide notes as usual. Note takers will be paid as usual. You will not need to take additional steps.

Q: What can I do if a student ghosts on class, and doesn’t participate while we are remote? 

A: Use the CU Succeed interface to submit an Early Alert. You may also email us if you know the student uses accommodations. 


UPDATE – 08/19/2020

Disability Services is making some procedure updates to align with guidance from the Fall Return Task Force. Details are below.

We moved to the first floor of the Wallace Student Center (where Oasis was) this summer.

Letters of Accommodation

Please note the following changes:

  • Main Campus Undergraduates and Nursing Students will no longer bring paper letters of accommodations for signatures. To reduce paper being shared, students will be given an electronic copy of their letter and required to email the letter to each professor. Professors will be asked to reply to the student confirming receipt in lieu of a signature. These letters are renewed each semester.
  • Graduate and Professional students will continue to have their letters emailed to the program director to be shared as needed. Students will continue to be copied on those emails. If the student needs to use accommodations for in-class quizzes, they are asked to email the letter to their professors to facilitate this. These accommodation letters are in effect for the duration of the student’s enrollment with the program, unless the student declines them later.
  • Adult  & Online Education (AOE) students will continue to have their letters of accommodation emailed to their instructors each term by staff. Students will continue to be copied on those emails.


Main Campus Test Center

The Main Campus Test Center will continue to proctor tests and quizzes for students who have approved testing accommodations only. Our processes have changed:

  • DELIVERY OF PAPER TESTS: The Test Center will continue to give paper tests if the test is being given on paper in class. All paper tests must be emailed to our GA at No paper tests will be accepted through campus mail or by personal delivery. Emailed tests are printed from the email and are not saved on our computer. Emails are deleted weekly.
  • RETURNING COMPLETED TESTS: Once completed, all paper tests will be scanned and emailed to the instructor. Scratch paper will be included. No paper tests will be returned to the instructor either by campus mail or delivery.
  • NO SCANTRONS: To reduce paper usage/sharing, the Test Center will not use scantrons this semester. Students will mark their answers on the test itself and that test will be scanned and emailed to the professor.
  • COMPLETED TEST STORAGE: Completed paper tests will be kept in locked storage for one week after completion. Please review all scanned tests as soon as you receive them to be sure there are no errors. Notify the Test Center immediately if there is an error or problem with the file.
  • REDUCE STAFF EXPOSURE: Test Center staff will no longer pick up or deliver paper tests to departments on campus. As noted above, email will be used for all paper test delivery and return.
  • REDUCE STUDENT NUMBERS IN THE TEST CENTER: Our move allowed us to greatly expand our testing space, but we are still limited on the number of students who can be in the room together. It is possible that a student may have to take a test at a slightly different time if we run out of space. Staff will contact you if this is the case.
  • PROCTORED BLACKBOARD TESTS: If the test will be given via Blackboard in the classroom in a proctored environment, students with accommodations can take that test in the Test Center. Any passwords and list of any materials allowed must be emailed to If the Blackboard test is not given in a proctored environment for the rest of the class, students with disabilities cannot be required to take it in a proctored environment even if they receive extended time. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU MUST ENTER ACCOMMODATIONS INTO EACH BLACKBOARD EXAM OR QUIZ AND WE CANNOT ACCESS THOSE SYSTEMS FOR YOUR COURSE.
  • PROCTORED EXAMSOFT OR OTHER SYSTEM EXAMS: If the test will be given in a proctored environment, students with accommodations can continue to use the Test Center. Any information that should be provided must be emailed to All signature pages and scratch paper will be scanned and emailed to the professor or testing coordinator.
  • REMOTE DELIVERY: If the University goes to remote instruction only, the Test Center will also close. Please remember that you must enter accommodations into each blackboard exam or quiz and we cannot access those systems for your course.