Copy Center

We are your place for any copying, printing, and any creative design needs you may have. These are some of the things available to you and how to engage these resources:

Submit a Service Requisition

Click on any of the services listed below to submit an online requisition to the Copy Center:


Shred Days

Beginning June 15, 2012, Shred Days will be every other Friday with requisitions due at least two days in advance. You can quickly submit a requisition online using our Shred Day Form »

Our Services

The Copy Center is here to accomodate many of your design and printing needs. Below is a list of our various services:

Graphic Design

We have several approved freelance designers who can assist with various jobs as needed. These designers are equipped to help you create your special document of any type, such as newsletters, booklets, mailers, advertisements, or anything that can be printed on paper. Note: Turnaround time for these projects range from 2 weeks to 5 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. Please keep this in mind. All design services should be coordinated through the Copy Center. Departments will be charged a design fee.


The Copy Center outsources photography sessions. Schedule photography needs through Tina Parker, Photography Coordinator at (910) 814-5743. Note: If we are working on a design for you with photography, we will coordinate it for you.

Copy Service

PDF files can be submitted via email or thumb drive. Documents can be submitted in hard copy as well. Your documents can be printed in black and white at over 100 pages per minute; Color is at 60 pages per minute. Please submit a requisition with the correct department code for all copying services.


You may need binding for your copying or design projects. Binding styles include tape binding, spiral binding, and coil binding. Trimming is also part of the finishing process, adding a professional look. Other binding styles are outsourced.

Business Cards - Stationary - Envelopes

Are an everyday event at the Copy Center. All of the school logos are available and we can provide weekly turnaround time on these Items. If you have business cards done in house, you can save on turnaround time and money. NOTE: The school logos are strictly applied to documents of any nature from the Graphic Standards Manual and Style Guide available through the Campbell website under “Resources.” These were adopted by the Campbell University President and Cabinet. They may not be modified by anyone, including the Copy Center.