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The Campbell University Computing Services department is comprised of five distinct groups working together to provide students, faculty, and staff the necessary support for computer related technologies.

The Administrative Computing Team is responsible for supporting, maintaining, upgrading, and training users on the mission critical applications and databases which serve the university’s academic and administrative computing needs.

The Computing Services Help Desk is charged with assisting students, faculty, and staff with hardware and software issues and generally should be the first place one calls with computer-related issues. The overall goal of the Academic Computing Team is to support university teaching and learning through the provision of instructional and information technologies and related services.

Academic Computing provides support for current initiatives and articulates new directions in learning practices, particularly those which enrich the campus through the integration of technology into its core programs. An additional goal is to assist Campbell University faculty in the integration of technology into innovative course curricula. Traditional, hybrid (blended), and online courses are served in all areas of study.

The Information Systems Team is responsible for maintaining the faculty/staff/classroom and dorm wired and wireless networks and network-attached server systems on all campuses. Information Systems works closely with the technology procurement assistant and the helpdesk staff to help meet your computing needs.

The Computing Services Technology Procurement Assistant is responsible for ordering all computer and peripheral equipment as well as coordinating the purchase of many software applications for Campbell University.

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Computing Services reserves the right to perform routine network and server maintenance and updates on Sunday mornings from 6:00 AM through 1:00 PM. It is possible that access to university servers may be down for brief periods during this time.