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The Club Equestrian Team is our most unique club sport and also one of our most successful. They compete at roughly half a dozen competitions per semester.

Club Equestrian team photo
Club Equestrian Team Photo


Men’s Basketball

Men’s Lacrosse

Men’s Soccer


Ultimate Frisbee

The Ultimate Frisbee Team is a competitive club that meets three times per week for practices and scrimmages to teach, foster, and hone skills for competitors of any skill level.  They participate regularly in club tournaments, competing against other collegiate club ultimate teams, traveling to tournaments throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.  The team prides itself on being both competitive and fun.  All are welcome to join, male and female, at any skill level, knowledge of the sport or proficiency within the sport.

Club Ultimate Frisbee Team
Ultimate Frisbee Team hosts tournaments and travels to bordering states for competition.

Women’s Volleyball

Women's Club Volleyball
Women’s Club Volleyball competed in numerous tournaments against surrounding schools this past year