A message from Dr. Cottle

Geriatrics is a medical specialty that addresses the complex needs of older adults and emphasizes maintaining health and functional independence even in the presence of chronic disease.

The Health Center is open to people of all ages for primary health care, and as a family practice geriatrician, I provide care to all ages with an emphasis on the geriatric/older adult population. I see community dwelling elders for chronic and acute conditions.

Problems more frequently seen in older adults include: memory loss, gait and balance disturbance with falls, pain syndromes, managing loss, and end-of-life issues. As a geriatrician, I have specialized training to assess and treat these problems.

Often a longer visit is required to manage these kinds of problems and to include family, spouses, and care givers in the plan of care. Life can get a bit complicated as we age, so it is helpful to have a primary care provider who understands these problems and will participate as part of the team.

The Health Center offers a memory and cognitive assessment program as well as transitional care planning program.

Call our appointment desk at (910) 893-1562 to learn more about our primary care and geriatric services or to schedule an appointment with me.