Self Assessment/ULifeline

ULifeline is an online resource center for college student mental health and emotional well being.

Students and faculty/staff can learn more about mental health, take a mental health screening, ask questions, find answers, and seek help for themselves or for someone they care about.

Some options the students can choose from:

  • Student Central – A place where students can ask straightforward questions, learn about emergency contact information at Campbell, and read about confidentiality as it relates to counseling.
  • Polls and Stories – Students can learn about the beliefs, interests, concerns, and experiences of their peers in the ULifeline polls and stories.
  • Factsheets – Factsheets are documents that give brief summaries of different struggles, disorders, and situations that college students commonly face.
  • Suicide Prevention – Students can learn about suicide risk and protective factors; depression; myths about suicide; warning signs; and how to help a friend who may be suicidal.
  • Get the Facts – This section educates students on suicide, stress, eating disorders, depression, bipolar, anxiety, and alcohol and drugs.
  • Self e-Valuator – This is a confidential, online mental health assessment developed for ULifeline by Duke University Medical Center. Students can complete a self-assessment to learn telling insights about their current state of mind. The results provide a valuable and objective perspective for students while they may be struggling. This feedback does not substitute a diagnosis or an appointment with a counselor
  • Campus Services – This section points students to all of the services offered here at Campbell University that can aid them in leading successful college careers. The local directory also provides off-campus providers within the surrounding areas to inform students of other choices during difficult times.
  • Resources and Links – This section provides more useful mental health information and links to related websites.
  • About ULifeline – Learn a little more about ULifeline!