Task Force

The Fall Semester Task Force was created to work on plans, policies, protocols and procedures for the opening of classes on campus beginning with the Fall 2020 semester. The Steering Committee (Health and Safety Committee) meets twice weekly to address the many needs, concerns, requests, and other issues related to COVID-19 and the opening of school with face-to-face instruction on campus.  

There are five sub-committees within the Task Force: Academics, Housing & Dining, Student Services, Business & Operations, and Health Services. Each committee is working on plans to address the specific needs in their areas of responsibility in preparation for students to return to campus this fall. 

Goals & Timeline

July 1, 2020

  •  Implement Social Distancing and Face Covering policies. 

July 15, 2020

  • Communicate plans to phase employees back to work on campus including providing a return to work guide and training. 

Aug. 1, 2020 

  • Ensure all spaces are ready for employees and students to return to campus and can support social distancing. 
  • Expand campus cleaning and provide sanitation stations throughout campus, including classrooms, offices, and dining facilities. 
  • Provide information on health and safety guidelines, including training to students. 

Health & Safety Committee

Member Department
Dr. Dennis Bazemore Student Life
Rev. Faithe Beam Spiritual Life
Sandy P. Connolly Business Office
Dean Kellie Nothstine Campus Life
Dr. Nicholas Pennings Health Center
Dr. Wesley Rich Health Sciences
Capt. Chase Banker Campus Safety
Scot Phillips Facilities Management
Aaron Schnoor, SGA Executive President 2020-2021 Student Government Association

Task Force Sub-Committees

Dr. Mark Hammond, Provost
Karen Pore, Registrar

Dr. Nicholas Pennings, Health Center
Katie Trotta, Health Center Pharmacy

Rebekah Gardner, Residence Life
Pam Yurkovic, Dining

Dr. Michelle Perez, Student Success
Omar Banks, Director of Athletics
Dr. Chris O’Connor, Student Involvement