Event Guidelines 

Campbell University groups who wish to hold events on campus must follow these guidelines. The guidelines are not intended for athletic events, which will follow NCAA and Big South policies and are subject to change. 

Event Attendance

  • Event attendance is limited to 10 people inside and 25 outside.
  • Attendance records must be kept and stored for every in-person event when possible.
  • Events attendance should be limited to no more than 50% of room capacity. Check the event location for capacity limits when reserving event/meeting space.
  • When possible, keep 6 feet distance between people during meetings and events
  • It is required that face coverings be worn at all times during events.
  • If the event has lines people will have to wait in, the lines must be clearly designated and spacing of the people in the lines must be clearly marked and monitored
  • Students who feel unsafe or sick should not attend social gatherings, signs should be posted encouraging this at events.

Event Cleaning & Safety Protocols 

  • When hosting an event where multiple people will come in contact with an item, tabletop, etc, the space/item that the next person will touch needs to be sanitized between each person. 
    • For example, if a student is making a stuffed animal at a stuff-a-plush event, when they leave and before the next person takes their spot at the table, the area must be wiped down with proper cleaning supplies.
  • PPE (face masks, gloves, etc.) should be provided to all volunteers/workers of events. Supplies can be obtained through Campbell departments.
  • If food is being served, no buffets are permitted. Pre-made plates are preferred. Events should use Aramark catering, no outside vendors are permitted.
  • After an event, the group is responsible for leaving the room in the correct setup and cleaning any surfaces that were used. Cleaning kits may be checked out from the building coordinator.

Large Gatherings

Large non-academic/non-course related gatherings that exceed 10 people inside and 25 outside are not permitted. Incidence of COVID-19 are rising in North Carolina and large gatherings have been ranked by infectious disease experts and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services as one of the highest risks for transmission of the disease.

Avoiding these types of large gatherings remains consistent with current mitigation efforts as outlined in the Campbell University “Returning to Work” plan.

Large Off-Campus Gatherings

Campbell University is concerned with the conduct of students beyond the geographical bounds of the campus. For many reasons, however, including the obvious impossibility of controlling all off-campus behavior of students, it does not assume supervisory responsibility for their off-campus activities. Nor does the University seek or support the special treatment of those students who may be apprehended for violations of law.

It does regulate off-campus events of University-approved student organizations and insists that, at these events and elsewhere, reason and responsibility characterize student conduct. The University does not assume supervisory responsibility for off-campus activities with the exception of University-sponsored events. However, if the University is informed of any occurrence of a student conduct violation​, including but not limited to the attendance of large gatherings indoors or outdoors, as doing so may result in endangering the health and safety of the Campbell community, the University may choose to address the incident and hold a conduct hearing if deemed necessary.  

Campbell University students are expected to abide by local, state and federal laws, as well as the generally accepted moral standards of our society. ​ Campbell University prohibits student’s involvement or attendance to large gatherings, indoors or outdoors, that may result in endangering the health and safety of the Campbell community. Although the University’s role is not to duplicate civil law enforcement or judicial action, it may exercise authority for reasons indigenous to its functioning as an educational institution.

Student Club Meetings & Events

  • Student club meetings and events are limited to 10 people inside and 25 outside. 
  • Any meetings over the amount suggested by the guidelines must be conducted virtually.
  • Any in-person meeting or event must have an attendance record kept. IOC clubs may use Creeksync for this.
  • Attendance for mandatory events will be left up to the organizations to decide how they will proceed and abide by their bylaws but must comply with University and State policies.
  • Student groups should reserve campus space through the University department that oversees them. This will help to ensure that they are booked into the appropriate spaces, and that there is oversight for cleanup after meetings/events
  • Outside guests are not allowed for student organization events.

Outside Groups & Vendors 

  • Outside groups/organizations that are not critical to the mission of the University are not allowed on University campuses until further notice. Exceptions may be granted after review by the respective Vice President and the Health and Safety Committee.
  • No outside groups will be permitted to reserve space or hold events on campus
  • Any outside vendors on campus must be local (from within the State of North Carolina) and must be approved 14 days prior to the event by the Vice President of Student Life.