Report your COVID-19 Vaccination

Campbell University strongly encourages all members of our community to get the COVID-19 vaccine, if they are eligible based on current group membership and health status.

If you have questions about your group eligibility you should review the information published by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human. If you have questions about your eligibility based on your health status, please consult your primary care provider.

This vaccine self-report form is confidential and will be used to track the overall percentage of the campus community who are either partially, or fully vaccinated. Information provided in this form will only be reported in aggregate and will not include any personal identifiers.

Participating in this self-report provides the University with crucial information regarding the vaccination rates and population-level protection in our community – allowing Campbell University to adjust policies, procedures, and mitigation efforts accordingly.

Please note that students who have been fully vaccinated* and complete the self-report form will NOT be required to test for COVID-19 upon return to campus in August 2021.

*Fully vaccinated means that individuals have received two doses of either the Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines and two weeks have elapsed or a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and two weeks have elapsed.

Complete the Vaccine Self Report Form