Understanding Your Bill

Below are some terms you may see on your statement. For a more detailed explanation and additional terminology, please see the Description of Charges

Charges on the student account come from multiple departments. The Business Office cannot remove or change these charges. To dispute items on your bill, click on the term below to contact the department directly.

Student Account (Type 10 Account)

  • General Fees – A combination of miscellaneous charges associated with educational expenses assessed to main campus student’s account.
  • Technology Fee – Charge assessed to all Adult and Online Education Students to support the technology necessary for AOE programs.
  • Music fees – Fees assessed by the Music Department or Divinity School for music lessons or instrument rental. Please contact the applicable department to dispute or obtain more information
  • Specialized Program fees – Charged to students for participation in specialized undergraduate programs which require additional educational related materials/equipment. Please contact individual department for more information. 
  • Student Health Insurance – Semester premium assessed to student’s account unless the student provides proof of insurance through the insurance waiver portal.
  • Library Fines – Charged incurred with the Campus Library.

Residence Life Charges

To dispute or obtain more information please contact Residence Life.

Fines/Fees Account (Type 15 Account)