Rome and Reformation in Italy and Germany

Tentative Dates: May 15 – June 7, 2017

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Celebrate the Reformation’s 500th anniversary by visiting both Italy and Germany:

  • In Rome, visit the Colosseum, the ancient churches of the Catacombs, and the Pantheon.
  • Spend a day in the Vatican, exploring St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel with its Michelangelo ceiling frescoes.
  • Travel to Florence, the home of many Renaissance churches. Visit the Duomo cathedral with its signature terracotta-tiled dome, and the Galleria dell’Accademia with Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture.
  • Cross the Alps into Germany and visit the medieval towns of Bavaria.
  • Explore Neuschwanstein Castle, an inspiration for Disney’s iconic fairytale castle of Magic Kingdom.
  • Travel throughout Germany, exploring historic sites of Martin Luther’s life such as the Lutherhaus, the Marktplatz, Parish Church of St. Mary, Castle Church, the Melanchthon Haus, and the Cranach Haus.
  • Visit Dachau to remember the victims of the Holocaust and explore the effects of World War II on German life and culture.
  • View Luther’s room at Wartburg Castle where he translated the New Testament into German.
  • End the program in Berlin with a visit to Check Point Charlie and the Berlin Wall Memorial.

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All courses may be taken as HONOR electives.

  • CHRS 333: Reformation
  • CHRS 300: Special Topics
  • CHRS 322: Basic Christian Beliefs


  • Dr. Adam English
  • Dr. Glenn Jonas

Estimated Program Fee: $4,600 – $5,000

Inclusions: Program fee includes flight, ground transportation, shared housing, some meals, and all entrance fees. Tuition is not included.

Tuition: Tuition will be the Campbell University summer tuition fee per credit hour.

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Q&A with Dr. Glenn Jonas

Who should go on this trip?
"This is a unique opportunity to celebrate the Reformation’s 500th anniversary by visiting both Italy and Germany... Any student interested in Christian history, theology, European history or the cultural aspects of Italy and Germany will also find this trip to be very insightful."

Q&A with Dr. Adam English

How will students benefit? What will they get out of it?
“The program is loaded with unbelievably diverse and culturally rich experiences – art, architecture, history, faith, and culture. From the Coliseum of ancient Rome to the concentration camps of modern-day Buchenwald, from the breathtaking Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Peter’s to the living quarters of the Martin Luther and his Protestant Reformation, this trip offers an opportunity to witness first-hand massive historical shifts and events that have shaped our world.”
Why is this program so special?
"For the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, two programs have joined forces for one transformative trip. We are bringing together Italy and Germany in one program – students will experience the cultures, cuisines, and country-sides of Rome, Florence, Wittenberg, and Berlin...Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!"