Business and Culture in Portugal and Spain

Tentative Dates: May 15 – May 24, 2017

The application deadline for this program has passed.

Look for it again in Summer 2018!

Meet with local businesses to study the impact of the circular economy in the industries of Portugal and Spain.

  • Experience daily life in Oporto and Lisbon, Portugal as well as Seville and Madrid, Spain.
  • Walk the medieval streets and visit the palace in Guimaraes, the “Cradle of Portugal.”
  • Visit the Shrine of our Lady Fatima in Portugal, a world pilgrimage site.
  • Travel to Nazare, the most colorful of Portuguese fishing villages and visit the Batalha monastery.
  • In Seville, explore the Alcázar and Cathedral, the largest in the world.
  • Tour the Royal Palace, Royal Pharmacy, and Prado Museum in Madrid.

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  • BADM 590/790
  • Dr. Katherine Lawrence
  • Dr. LeJon Poole

Estimated Program Fee: $4,500 – $5,000

Inclusions: Program fee includes flight, ground transportation, shared housing, most meals, and all entrance fees.

Tuition Cost: The optional course is a Spring 2017 course; tuition will be included in the Spring semester.

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Q&A with Dr. Katherine Lawrence

Why should I go on this trip?
Have you ever wondered what it's like to see a color that you've never seen before? That's a bit what immersing yourself in a new culture is like, especially if the language, architecture, food, traditions, even the people, the transportation, and perhaps even the clothing-- are different from what you're used to.
How will students benefit?
Traveling abroad is an important rite of passage into adulthood. It changes you in good ways. It teaches you resilience, confidence, and flexibility. You never forget your peak experiences in a foreign country. Of course, people will tell you that the world is flat, that businesses want employees with international experience, and that it looks good on your resume. And yes, there tends to be a noticeable difference between people who've traveled abroad versus those who have not. But, don't travel to boost your resume. Travel because you want to challenge yourself to engage fully and deeply in a foreign country - and enjoy it.
What's on your bucket list/what are you most looking forward to on this trip?
My bucket list mainly deals with Portugal: I want to visit Lisbon, because I've seen it in movies and it looks wildly beautiful (the Lisbon Story, by Wim Wenders). I want to go to Oporto culinary delights, and I want to see the Old World architecture that has been preserved in Portugal (not as ravaged as the European countries involved in WW1, WW2, etc.).