Intern in Ireland

No longer accepting applications.

Program Highlights

This program is designed to help students achieve work experience in an international environment, while also exploring Ireland.

While in Ireland, the cohort of students will be connected to a university in the Dublin area. This university will serve as both a home base and support system while abroad, and students will benefit from access to both the exciting Dublin life and pastoral Irish countryside.

Students will have work placements during the week, but will be able to explore on weekends. Work placements will vary according to student interests and skills.

Through the program, students will resumes, conduct interviews, and develop professional skills in the internship placements and accompanying academic discussions, while also developing intercultural skills.

Earn 3 credits abroad, with preparation in the spring semester:

  • Students prepare in the spring to secure an applicable internship
  • Students receive internship credit abroad

Additional international summer school opportunities may also be available through the host university.

Additional costs and applications apply.

Program fee: $4,600 – $5,400

Includes internship, housing, breakfast every day, kitchen access, flight from RDU to Dublin, insurance, some excursions.

You can apply for financial aid!

Request an appointment with the Office of Study Abroad to receive the paperwork you need before you talk with the Financial Aid Office.

Email for an appointment.