Health & Service Learning in Guatemala

Tentative Dates: June 25 – July 28, 2017

The application deadline for this program has passed.

This study abroad program will help students understand how culture impacts healthcare within the US and Latin America. It looks closely at the ethics of how our approaches to health impact others. Students will learn skills to interface with other cultures in an effective and ethical way.

This program is geared toward any undergraduate students wanting a greater global diversity experience. It will give important skills to students wanting to work with the under-served populations in their local community. It will be especially useful, but not limited to, students from the following disciplines — social work, education, public health management, and health care-related majors such in biology, biochemistry, clinical research, or pharmacy. The normal pre-requisites for these courses will be waived and are not required.

The program will spend two weeks in Guatemala where students live with host families for a total immersion experience. Students will receive Spanish language tutoring in the mornings and complete service learning projects in the afternoons through ethical volunteering opportunities with local non-government organizations. In North Carolina, students will live in on-campus housing at Campbell University. Students will apply the cross-cultural skills they learned in Guatemala to service learning opportunities with organizations in Harnett County to provide assistance to the migrant Latino populations in our community.

All students are enrolled in a 6 credit course titled, “Health and Service Learning in Guatemala and NC”.

Students will receive course substitution for BIOL 460/319 and BIOL 460.

BIOL 460/BIOL 319: Biomedical Ethics in Latin America

BIOL 460: Healthcare & Culture in Latin America

***BIOL 460/319 and BIOL 460 may taken as HONOR 350 and/or HONOR351. Students have the option of taking additional credit for Senior Seminar (BIOL 451).***

  • Dr. Debora Weaver
  • Mrs. Claudia Williams

Estimated Program Fee: $4,000 – $4,300

Inclusions: Program fee includes flight, ground transportation, homestays in Guatemala, on campus housing in NC, some meals, and all entrance fees. Tuition is not included.

Tuition: Tuition will be the Campbell University summer tuition fee per credit hour.

You can apply for financial aid!

Request an appointment with the Office of Study Abroad to receive the paperwork you need before you talk with the Financial Aid Office.

Email for an appointment!

“There’s no way to come home the same person after touching the hands of a girl who never wants to let go, helping a child walk for the first time, and having the courage to say a temporary goodbye. Study abroad was the first time I’ve realized that there is a world of opportunity, beckoning me forward to experience the unknown and live courageously.”

Amber Puffenbarger, Guatemala 2015