Camel Parent Info

The office of Student Success is here to support your student as they work to meet the academic challenges of earning a college degree. As a parent, you may be the first person your student reaches out to when they struggle. We want you to know about our services so that you are ready to remind your student of all the resources that are here to help them do their best. Some common scenarios for first-year students are listed below. Please contact our office if you have any further questions.

All of our services are available to your student at no additional cost.

Q: My student just called, panicked about the first big test. Who can help?
A:  Student Success! Students can receive tutoring for any course on campus through our programs. The CU Tutoring Center offers drop-in tutoring for Math and Science courses. Students can receive a peer tutor for all other courses. Some courses also offer group study sessions or Supplemental Instruction. The CU Writing Center can also assist your student with any paper for any class. Contact Kayla Shepard at [email protected] for more information about specific services. You can also like our Facebook page to recieve regular updates!

Q: My student is worried that she doesn’t remember what she is reading and really doesn’t know how to study. She says it’s just too hard. Who can help?
A: Student Success! Our Academic Coaches can work individually with students to help them improve their academic skills. They can learn new ways to manage their time, organize their notes, remember what they read and study smarter! Contact Brad Kelly at [email protected] for more information. 

Q: My student had an IEP or 504 plan in high school. He is worried about taking tests without his extra time but doesn’t want anyone to know about his disability. Who can help?
A: Student Success! Students with documented disabilities can receive services similar to those available in high school. They do have more privacy rights as adults but they also must register with the Student Success office to receive accommodations. Students who are injured or become ill can qualify as well. Contact Laura Rich at [email protected] for more information.

Q: My student started out sure of exactly what she wanted to major in and had her career path all laid out. Now, she’s really struggling in her major class and doesn’t know if that’s what she wants to do anymore. Who can help?
A: Student Success! Our staff provide assistance to students who may be unsure about their major and career goals. We can offer information about various programs and provide interest and skills inventories for students. We can also help prepare your student for internship and job search. Contact Jessica Randall at [email protected] for more information. Career Services has a Facebook page as well!