How To Get Started

Please begin by completing the Copy Center Design Project Request Form. They are available at the Copy Center. If you do not have the new form, they will be made available online in the very near future. When completing the information be sure to include your department account number. If you have questions about items on the form, the designer will complete it for you as you work through the project. If you have not done this before, just come without the form. Just bring your ideas and budget code.

NOTE; a project delivery date can not be promised without all of the information required for the job, i.e. photo, lists, text, or other items you want included in the project.

To start your project, contact Tina Parker at [email protected]. She will schedule your appointment with a designer.

At your meeting, you will discuss your objectives, hear design recommendations and choose your papers and finishing and decide on a poof date. If outside sources are needed to complete your project, we will get the best bid for you.