Web Access Help

WebAccess is a system provided to ease the wait for some tasks such as registration and the checking of grades. Access is available worldwide through the internet and should answer some questions that you have in regards to your status here at Campbell University.

Commonly found issues with logging in to Web Access focus on two common error messages: one saying that the username doesn't exist and one saying that the password is incorrect.

Username Doesn't Exist

This can be a common problem with any login and you should check the system. Is the Caps and Num Lock on or off? If Caps Lock is on, your name will be incorrect because all usernames are lower case. If the Num Lock is off and you tried to use the keypad to key in the numbers at the end of most usernames, it will not be the correct username.

The next thing to check is, if you copied and pasted from the notification email you received, that there isn't an extra space at the beginning or the end of the username. This will cause the username to read as incorrect.

If all this fails, please contact the helpdesk using one of the methods at the bottom of this page.

Password is Incorrect

As with the username, you should check to make sure that the Caps and Num Lock are in the proper setting. Both username and password in this system are caps-sensitive.

Something else that has come up as an issue with some systems is a problem with security settings. If you are sure of your password and that the Caps and Num Lock are set appropriately, go to Tools, then click Internet Options of your browser window (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) Under the Privacy tab, click the Advanced button.

  screenshot of Internet Options window

In the Advanced Privacy Settings dialogue box, check the box that says " Override automatic cookie handling" , then check the box that says " Always allow session cookies" . Click OK to close this box, the OK to close the Internet Options dialogue box. T

  screenshot of Advanced Privacy Settings window

If all this fails, please contact the helpdesk using the contact info below.

Contact Us

Computing Services Helpdesk | Britt Hall Basement
Email: [email protected]
Phone: Local: 893-1208 | Campus - ext. 1208 | Toll-Free: 800-334-4111 ext. 1208 | Please have your CU ID # available when contacting the helpdesk or include it in your email if emailing the helpdesk for assistance.  We must have your CU ID# for verification purposes. We cannot accept SS# for verification.  Thank you