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Blackboard Academic Suite is the Learning Management system used by the University for its on-line and blended courses. The Blackboard Academic suite uses the common webAccess user name and password. Access Blackboard here.

Blackboard F@Q

Question: What is my username/password for Blackboard?
Answer: Blackboard uses the same credentials as WebAccess/Library Resources/Device Registration - the CU network username and password. 


Question: Why can't I see all of my classes on Blackboard?
Answer: Instructors determine when classes are open to students. Students will not be able to view classes in Blackboard until the instructor has opened the class for viewing by students.  If others in your class are able to see the class and you cannot then you should ask your instructor if you are actually registered for the class.


Question: How do I stop old classes from showing up in Blackboard or add current classes to the view?
Answer: Hiding/Showing Classes in Blackboard - Login, Place your mouse in the header next to My Courses, click on the gear on the right-hand side of the My Courses header.  Choose which courses to display (and other options) on the Personalize: My Courses page and click submit.  Uncheck all boxes next to a course to hide it.


Question: I can login to Blackboard but I cannot do everything I am supposed to in Blackboard on my computer/tablet/chromebook.  What is wrong?
Answer: Blackboard uses some plug-ins that are not available for all operating systems/browswers.  You can check your browser/operating system here: Blackboard Browser Checker


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