Student Helpdesk

Welcome to the Campbell University Helpdesk, where we hope to be able to assist you with your computer needs.  These pages exist to provide you links to information and downloads which we hope will assist you while you are a member of the Campbell University community. 

What we do:  Our primary goal is to assist the Campbell community in whatever way is possible.  In that regard, over the phone and in the office, we aid students in cleaning viruses and spyware, updating their machines for protection, and diagnosing other issues.  At present, we do not do any hardware work, but will make recommendations based on our observations.

If you have a question about your student email or the account used to log on to Web Access, you may call, but please have your student identification number ready.

Contact Us

Computing Services Helpdesk | Britt Hall Basement | M-F 8:30AM - 5:00PM 
Email: [email protected]
Phone: Local: 893-1208 | Campus - ext. 1208 | Toll-Free: 800-334-4111 ext. 1208 | Please have your CU ID # available when contacting the helpdesk or include it in your email if emailing the helpdesk for assistance.  We must have your CU ID# for verification purposes. We cannot accept SS# for verification.  Thank you