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The increasing use of technology as a teaching tool has seen our faculty become engaged in curriculum offerings that make use of computer-based course content, online interaction, and instructional media.

With such a variety of instructional technologies available, educators often ask questions such as...

  • What technologies are available to use as teaching tools?
  • How can using technology improve my teaching effectiveness?
  • Where can I get assistance?

Online resources for teaching

Blackboard Learning System
Blackboard is a web-based Learning Management System for online course content

Weblogs (Blogs)
Use weblogs as online classroom portals, discussion sites, filing cabinets for handouts and syllabi, collaboration spaces and personal portfolios

TurnItIn is a system to instantly identify papers containing unoriginal material. Campbell University has licensed TurnItIn for use by all faculty.
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Web Sites for faculty pages, course content, instructional resources
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Learn more about the available computing labs at Campbell.

Go to the Academic Computing Center at Lundy-Fetterman School of Business.