Refund Information

General Refund Information:

A student refund is available when the student account balance has a credit balance after all tuition, fees and other charges are assessed to the student account.  The Business Office works diligently to ensure tuition, fees and other charges are assessed correctly and in a timely manner.  However, on occassion an additional charge, such as additional enrollment in classes, parking fines, program related fees, etc. are assessed after the release of a refund.  Also, students on occassion will drop classes or withdrawal from the University after financial aid has been posted and a refund has been released.  In the event an additional charge is assessed to the student account or financial aid is adjusted creating a balance due on account, the balance due on account is due and should be paid promptly.

Student E-Refunding

Effective fall 2011, students can only receive a refund of their credit balance by enrolling in the CASHNet e-refund option.  Enrollment into e-refunding authorizes the release of 100% of the credit balance to the designated bank account.  Partial refunds will not be available.

The CASHNet portal is only accessible to students via the students web access account.  Access via web access requires the student to provide their web access user name and password which authenicates the user information and provides additional security.  From the web access page, students will follow the CASHNet links to access their CASHNet e-commerce page.  Students can then elect to "Enroll in E-Refund" option and/or create a user name and password for their parent to access CASHNet.  If the student creates a user name and password for the parent or guardian, an email will be sent to the parent/guardian email address with CASHNet access instructions.

To enroll in e-refunding, the student/parent/guardian will be required to enter the bank routing number, bank account number, the name on the account and the type account (checking or savings) into the CASHNet portal.  Students my choose to use a parent or guardians bank account for deposits; however, the Business Office will deposit 100% of the funds available into the bank account designated as active in the CASHNet portal.  The University is NOT responsible for funds deposited into an account that is "active" in CASHNet has been provided by the student/parent/guardian in the CASHNet portal.

The Business Office encourages individuals to review their banking information that has been input into the CASHNet portal.  The Business Office is not responsible for banking information input incorrectly.  In the event, banking information is incorrect or is not an active bank account, your bank will return the deposit to Campbell University which generally takes 7 - 10 banking days.  The Business Office will NOT reprocess an e-refund until the funds have been returned by your bank and received by the University.  The Business Office will freeze the e-refunding account until the banking information has been corrected by the student/parent/guardian.  If the account is placed in "freeze" status, no refunds will be processed!  Please pay special attention as you enter your information!

E-refunds are processed by the Business Office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  To be eligible for e-refunding, you MUST enroll in e-refunding by midnight on the evening prior to the processing day.  You are only required to enroll in e-refunding one-time.  Your one-time enrollment will prompt the Business Office to refund 100% of your credit balance to the bank account you have designated.  However, should you change your e-refunding status to unenroll or freeze in the CASHNet portal, the student account will be flagged accordingly and refunding will be stopped.  You will be required to re-enroll in order to begin e-refunding again! 

E-refund deposits are generally available in your bank account within 1 - 2 banking days after the e-refund has been processed.  However, e-refunds are deposited into your bank account in accordance with your banks policies and procedures.  University holidays, banking holidays and incliment weather may delay a deposit.

Refunding and Parent PLUS Loans

Federal regulations require universities to release credit balances created by the Parent PLUS Loan to be released to the parent unless the parent authorizes the release of the credit balance to the student.  Parents must complete the "Authorization to Release Funds" form available on the forms section of the Business Office website when the parent authorizes the release of the credit balance to the student.  Parents may scan and email the form to or fax the form to 910-893-7863. 

If the credit balance is released to the student, the student MUST be enrolled in e-refunding! 

If the Parent PLUS Loan credit balance is released to the parent, they may choose to be refunded via paper check or by enrolling in e-refunding.

  • If the parent opts for e-refunding the student must provide a user name and password to the parent in the CASHNet portal.  The parent will receive an email with CASHNet access instructions.  The parent will then enter their banking information in the portal.  Parent PLUS Loan credit balance e-refunds will be processed same as student e-refunds above. 
  • If the parent opts for a paper check, the parent must complete the "Parent Refund Request" form.  Checks will be processed and released as noted below.  All paper checks will be mailed by the Accounting Office on the days designated below.  Checks can not be picked up in the Accounting Office! Inquiries regarding the mailing of parent refund checks should be directed to the Accounting Office at 1-800-334-4111, extension 1430.
  •        "Parent Refund Request" forms received by noon on Tuesday will be processed and mailed by 3:00 PM on Thursday.
  •        "Parent Refund Request" forms received by noon on Thursday will be processed and mailed by 3:00 PM on Monday.


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